Well hello there!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Long time, no see! :) I wanted to pop in real quick to say hi and that I miss you all so much! As I'm sure most of you have noticed, I took a break from blogging at the end of July. I was in a difficult place in my life and was making mistake after mistake trying to stay caught up with everyone else in this little blog community. Deciding to walk away from my blog was the best decision I ever made, as it allowed me to see just how clouded my judgement and priorities had become. I want to apologize to everyone for the drama that went down last year. I was so focused on trying to be the perfect ideal blogger with a pretty life and cute outfits and a successful handmade shop that I ended up making a million mistakes to get there. Bad move on my part, and I've learned from it and have moved on. I hope you all can forgive me and that we can start fresh.

Hi, my name is Mandy. Nice to meet you. :)

This post isn't about me coming back to blogging though. Who knows, maybe I'll start blogging again in the future. I miss it from time to time, but I'd want to do it on my terms next time instead of trying to live up to everyone else's ideals. The main reason of this post is just to catch up with y'all and let you know where you can find me now if you're wanting to stay in touch. I had a lot of readers send me very sweet emails about my blog that I felt too raw to respond to at the time, so I'm hoping those of you will see this. I'm over on Twitter and Instagram again, and I also have a Tumblr now (why did I not sign up for Tumblr before?! It's so addicting!). Also, I'm really freaking excited to share that I finally started a Youtube channel! Remember how many times I mentioned wanting to start one? Haha. :) Well, I finally did! I'll be sharing fashion, beauty, and style-related videos, as well as fun book reviews and video game stuff. Pretty much whatever is going on in my life, or whatever sounds fun!

Thank you so much to those of you who have stuck by me and been my friend even when times were tough. I appreciate you all so much. xo! Mandy

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  1. Mandy! So glad to see that you are doing well! The weirdest thing though, I actually went to your blog this morning to see if you were back because I really missed your posts! And here you are with a post later in the day! I just want to say I loved your blog and what you brought to the table. And you have got a new subscriber on youtube :) I can't wait to watch more videos! Good luck with everything!
    Pretty Lovely

  2. I'm glad you started a youtube channel.
    The most important thing about having a blog is blogging for yourself. Your blog isn't supposed to be a place you dread. I hope this year goes well for you and I look forward to seeing your videos. :3

  3. So glad to see your post. I was looking not too long ago and well I've missed your posts!

  4. i'm so glad to hear you're okay . I was really worrying and missed your lovely posts .!!
    hope your hard times are over and I wish you really the best .

    love sarah

  5. I am glad that you posted it is nice to know you are doing ok. Glad you took some time for you! I will definitely be checking out your youtube channel. I hope things continue to improve for you and hoping for the best.

  6. I really missed you and your blog! I even had a dream one time that you came back and had a new blog layout and a bunch of cute posts. Anyways, I'm so glad you are back and made a youtube, I will be subscribing ASAP!

  7. Glad to hear that you're well.

  8. So cool you have a YouTube channel now! Loved watching your video, Mandy! Can't wait to see more :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

  9. Well hello stranger!! Glad that you have been regrouping! It is always needed, especially in the crazy world of blogging and trying to be the perfect blogger. I am glad you are at least a little back and now following you on instagram!!

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  11. How do you think anyone will believe anything you say? You're a pathological liar and you deserved every bit of the 'drama' you got. The whole internet was in an uproar when you did what you did, and for good reason. Stepping away from blogging and the internet was the right decision, and it was short lived.

    1. I agree one public apology doesn't mean anything to the bloggers whose art she stole making ammends individually would speak volumes.

  12. Glad to see you happy on the internets!

  13. Have you apologized and made ammends to the bloggers whose work you took as your own? As a graphic designer you should know everyone works hard to create original work and its not fair to pass it off as your own. It's the right thing to do.