January 2015 Beauty Favorites

January 2015 Makeup + Beauty Favorites | A Girl, Obsessed
It's time for the first round of beauty favorites for 2015! Normally I like to film these, but as I'm sure you've noticed, I've fallen a bit out of my usual filming routine (we'll talk more about that in a whole other post though). So for this month, I'll be writing up my thoughts on my favorite products from them month.
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Fashion resolutions for 2015

Fashion Resolutions for 2015 | A Girl, Obsessed
I can definitely say that my style has changed a lot over the past year. If you were a reader of my old blog, you know how in love I was with lots of color, patterns, and quirky details. I feel like I've grown up quite a bit in 12 months and have let a lot of those styles go. I feel much more confident (and happy!) in simple, neutral clothing. Instead, I like to add a little bit of fun via accessories, but I still like to keep these somewhat simple as well.
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LUSH Valentine's Day Collection 2015

LUSH Valentine's Day Collection 2015 | A Girl, Obsessed
The new 2015 Valentine's Day Collection from LUSH is available and I totally freaked out when I saw it. Everything is so cute! I decided to pick up a few items from the collection (since I'm my own valentine this year ^_^) and thought I'd share a little bit about them.
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How To Conceal Blemishes And Dark Circles

How To Conceal Blemishes And Dark Circles | A Girl, Obsessed
Acne is something that most of us still have to deal with from time to time, even after high school and our teenage years. Now that I'm a little older, my skin has calmed down a bit but I still get the odd pimple or two every month. On top of that, I also have dark circles under my eyes that I can't seem to ever get rid of. So, as you can imagine, I've become quite skilled at concealing skin imperfections and thought I'd share my tips and which products I use.
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2015 Sephora VIB Birthday Gift

2015 Sephora VIB Birthday Gift | A Girl, Obsessed
One of the perks of being a beauty blogger with a birthday at the beginning of the year is that I'm able to get my hands on the free birthday gift from Sephora pretty early. Last year's gift was kind of a bust for me - it was a mini lipstick and mascara set from Makeup Forever, and I have to say I wasn't exactly a fan.
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The Body Shop Haul

A little Body Shop haul | A Girl, Obsessed
I recently bought a handful of new items from The Body Shop, mostly moisturizing products, and I thought I would share that haul with you guys (that way if you've tried any of these before, you can tell me if they're good or if I should give them away to someone else, haha).
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