April 17, 2015

Spring Beauty Wish List

Guess who's been window shopping again? ^_^ Spring is one of my favorite seasons for beauty products. Pastels are in season, skincare becomes lighter, and everything just has a nice, fresh feel to it. This is also a season when beauty brands release a bunch of new products and collections, so today I thought I'd share what's on my wish list for Spring.

April 16, 2015

Meet The Advertisers #2

Meet The Advertisers #2 | A Girl, Obsessed
It's that time again to show some love to my awesome advertisers and share their gorgeous blogs with  you guys! I've got four super talented ladies to feature today - everyone give them a big internet round of applause! :)

April 15, 2015

The Little Things #4

The Little Things #4 - Life Updates | A Girl, Obsessed
I haven't shared a personal post in such a long time, so I thought today would be a good day for some life updates! I also haven't written a "The Little Things" post in awhile, mainly due to the fact that I got bored with the way I was writing the posts. So, I've decided to change up the format of this feature a bit, which will hopefully allow me to share little personal updates more often. :)

April 14, 2015

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself Quickly

5 Ways To Motivate Yourself Quickly | A Girl, Obsessed
Working from home can be extremely fun and rewarding, but sometimes motivation can be scarce and it can be hard to keep the hustle going. Doing the same things day after day can become a little tiring sometimes, especially if there is something you're just not a fan of doing (I'm looking at you, emails). Knowing how to motivate yourself in instances like these can be super helpful.

April 13, 2015

A Budget-Friendly Makeup Starter Kit

A Budget-Friendly Makeup Starter Kit (all drugstore brands) | A Girl, Obsessed
Being a beauty blogger/addict, I've tried my fair share of makeup products, ranging from budget-friendly drugstore brands to high-end, luxury favorites. It can be easy to get caught up in the hype of expensive brands, but when you're first starting out with makeup (or you've decided to start experimenting with it more), drugstore is where it's at.

April 10, 2015

25 Tweet Ideas To Grow Your Twitter Following

25 Tweet Ideas To Grow Your Twitter Following | A Girl, Obsessed
Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms to connect with readers and other bloggers. It's also where I share the content I publish here on AGO, as well as promoting my blog to new audiences and potential readers. Over the past couple months, I've been working to grow my Twitter following, and I've found that sharing certain tweets have had a huge impact in gaining more followers, likes, and retweets.