A Post-Workout Refresh

As is common with most Januarys, I’ve been trying to workout regularly and be a little more active in my everyday life. The thing is, I absolutely hate feeling all sweaty and gross. It drives me crazy and is often an excuse I use for pushing off a workout (horrible, I know). To give myself a bit of a compromise, I’ve started keeping a little assortment of products in my workout bag that allow me to fully freshen up – perfect for those days when I’m not able to rush home and hop in the shower.

The first thing I do right after a good workout is cool off and then use some cleansing wipes to freshen up any sweaty areas. I’ve been using the Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes* from the new e.l.f. Active range, and I’ve really been liking them because they can be used for both the face and the body (plus they really help you feel nice and fresh, especially after working out). After using those to freshen up, I like to apply some fresh Dove Dry Spray deodorant. This has been my favorite deodorant for over a year now as it really keep you dry all day long and all of the fragrances are quite lovely.

Since I’m taking the time to refresh, I like to put a little extra focus on my face since it’s usually what gives it away that I’ve been sweating my butt off burning calories. After using a cleansing wipe to get rid of any sweat and dirt, I’ll spray my face with the e.l.f. Active Post-Workout Cool Down Mist*. This step has become essential because it really allows me cool off and helps relieve some of the redness from my face. Next, I’ll apply some of Glossier’s Super Pure all over my face, focusing mainly on my t-zone since this is where I get especially oily. I’ve been loving this serum after workouts because I feel like it stops my face from staying oily and sweaty for the rest of the day, plus it soothes any redness I might be struggling with. As a final step, I’ve been using the JJ Young Pore Perfecting Multi Cream* to restore moisture and control shine. This is such a cool product because it’s a toner, essence, and moisturizer all in one, and my skin absolutely drinks up every bit of the gel-like cream so there’s no greasy feeling left over.

Lastly, my hair usually needs a bit of a touchup so I’ve been using Bumble and bumble’s Prêt-à-Powder to help clean up my locks. This dry shampoo is great for soaking up any excess oils, plus it gives some life and volume back to my hair so I don’t look so wiped out after a workout. A great trick if you have longer hair is to use some dry shampoo on your roots to conceal any post-workout greasiness, backcomb your hair a bit, and then pull it up into a big messy bun. It’s a great way to disguise dirty hair when you’re not going straight home after the gym and it doesn’t take a lot of skill to pull off because messy buns aren’t supposed to look perfect.

Do you have a refresh routine for after workouts?


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