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5 Essential Tips For Growing Your Blog

5 Essential Tips For Growing Your Blog | A Girl, Obsessed

One of the most-asked questions in the world of blogging is probably “How do I get more readers?” While there is no overnight trick, I do have 5 tips that will help get you going in the right direction to attracting more readers and growing your blog. These are all things that are easy to implement and have worked for me. With some time and a little hard work, they can work for you too!

5 Essential Tips For Growing Your Blog

Get social on social media | This one is pretty simple…so simple that you might be overlooking it! It’s easy to sign up on a bunch of social media sites, but if you’re not active on them you’re not going to receive any potential benefit. Try to update a few times a week, or daily if you can. Add a link to your blog in your profile bio so any new followers can easily find your blog if they’re interested. One thing to remember is people are more likely to become loyal readers when they can connect with you and feel like you’re a friend instead of just some person on a computer. So go make some connections! Share links to your posts, but also share bits from your daily life. Follow people in your niche that you feel connected to and take time to comment on their posts and build friendships.

The fine line between Quality and Quantity | I’ve read articles saying only high-quality, well thought out posts will attract readers, and I’ve read some that say publishing several posts a day is the way to garner mass views and subscribers. Honestly? I think it takes a little bit of both. You can share the most unique, amazing, top-notch posts, but if you’re only posting a couple times a month, readers will start to forget about your blog from lack of exposure (especially when they can find several other blogs that will give them new content daily). Likewise, if you’re cramming out random posts 3-4 times a day that are just thrown together and basically meaningless, readers won’t have anything to connect to and your blog can come across as sloppy. I’ve been at both ends of the spectrum and I can tell you, neither work. Try to find a perfect medium for yourself that allows you to post regularly but will give you time to create quality content that you are proud of and that your readers will want to keep coming back for.

Share the love | Another fun way to get your blog out there and make new friendships is to visit other blogs and share some love! I like to go to Bloglovin’ and select a category I’m super interested in  – like Beauty, Fashion, or Lifestyle – and look around at all of the current popular posts. I’ll read through any posts that seemed interesting to me, and I’ll leave relevant, meaningful comments with a non-obtrusive link back to my blog. Not only is this a great way to be introduced to new posts and new blogs, but it’s also an easy way for new people to find your blog because if they liked your comment or felt connected to what you wrote, they’re very likely to click on the link to check out your blog. My only warning here is to be polite to the person whose blog you’re commenting on. Don’t spam the hell out of their comment section with “FOLLOW ME!” or “Follow 4 follow?” or with an obviously vague comment like “Great post. Click here to read my blog!” Actually take the time to read their post and leave a comment that adds to the discussion.

I get by with a little help from my friends | Do you have any friends who blog, or have you made some friends in your blogging niche? If you have a good relationship with them (as in, you didn’t just meet them a week ago) and you both have blogs similar in size and content, see if you can help each other out by trading blog ads or swapping guest posts! These can be really fun ways to introduce one another to a new audience and potentially gain new readers. When you send out an email asking about trading ads or guest posts, make sure to be polite and let them know that it’s perfectly fine if they don’t want to. You can always tell them to keep you in mind for when they need a guest poster in the future or if they ever decide to do ad trades. Politeness will get you a long way, both in blogging and in life.

Have patience and remember, this won’t happen overnight | Growing a dedicated readership takes time and hard work. If you spend time creating killer content, growing your presence on social media, and building relationships, you will accumulate a community of readers that are interested in your blog and what you have to say. It can be hard not to get discouraged, especially if you’re comparing yourself to other bloggers, but just know that those bloggers you’re looking up to with the thousands of readers all put the work, time, and passion into their blog that it takes to get a well-established readership. So don’t be discouraged, be inspired! Use this challenge as motivation to work hard and achieve your dreams!

Do you have any tried-and-true tips for growing your blog?


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  • Jerra Brown

    I stumbled across your blog and I was in awe. Not only is your blog super cute, but what you are trying to achieve is nearly identical to what I would like to do. I just started my blog last month and I am looking for all of the tips and tricks that people can give me. I essentially wanted to create a blog that was about everything I loved in life. Sometimes I felt like I wasn’t appreciating the little things and I wanted to be able to do so and share it with others. If you have a chance, I would really appreciate it if you ventured over to my blog. If you have any tips and tricks for a new blogger please let me know. Great work, your blog looks amazing!:)

    February 12, 2018 at 12:57 pm Reply
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