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An Honest Review Of Cliché Blogger Props

If you’ve been reading (or writing) blogs for a while, you’ve likely seen a number of items that many bloggers use as props in their blog photos. I’m a huge fan of using props in my photos and like incorporating anything from decor to beauty products as long as they suit the overall photo. I think props and special backgrounds add a bit of character and help make a photo feel “complete”, if that makes sense. Some props have become a little cliché over the years as more and more bloggers begin to use them, so today I thought I would review the most recognizable items and share whether they’re actually worth owning or just a bunch of hype.

Pretty Books

Books have been a classic blog photo prop for ages now, and there is definitely a long list of favorites that have been popular options within the last few years. Girl Boss, Love Style Life, Alexa Chung’s It, Pretty Honest…the list goes on and on. As an avid book lover, I think a good book collection is definitely worth it. So far, of the books I’ve purchased with the intent to be props, I’ve yet to find one that wasn’t also a good read. I loved How To Be Parisian Wherever Your Are, as well as Eat Pretty and the followup book. Even if you don’t plan on reading any of these, they also work great as decor items for bookshelves and coffee tables.

Diptyque Candles

This is definitely one of the more bougie items to make this list. Diptyque candles are one of those items that you see in nearly every beauty blogger’s photos, to the point where it kind of seems a little crazy. You can’t deny that they’re incredibly photogenic, but that price point is pretty steep ($64 for a 6.5 oz candle – eep!). Now that I own two of these (a standard size and a small size), I can say that the quality is pretty fantastic. The scents are very unique and the packaging is far better than your average Bath & Body Works option. In the end though, you are definitely paying for the name and just to have a coveted Diptyque candle in your photos. Do I think they’re worth the splurge? Yes, but on one condition. If you’re dead set on owning one of these candles, do what I did and purchase them new from individual sellers on sites like eBay and Mercari. I was able to save about $20 per candle this way, which makes the fact that I actually purchased such an expensive candle a little less painful.

Rose Gold Accessories

I feel like rose gold is the unofficial color of bloggers. It’s just such a gorgeous shade, and has quickly made it’s way into all of our lives via decor, beauty, fashion accessories. When I think rose gold blog props, the first thing that comes to mind are Zoeva brushes. These have been popular for the past couple years, as they’re gorgeous to photograph as well as incredibly effective for makeup application. I think these are definitely worth the hype and highly recommend them. When it comes to other rose gold accessories that tend to be used as photo props (eyelash curlers, bobby pins, jewelry, confetti, etc), I think all depend on your personal tastes and how you like to style your photos. I use each of the props and personally really like them. They all work great at filling in any sparse areas of a photo while adding a bit of character.

Rifle Paper Co. Stationery

I’m sure at the start of the year you saw every blogger share about their new Rifle Paper Co. calendars and planners for 2018 (myself included). What can I say? We all have incredibly good taste when it comes to gorgeous stationery, haha. RFC gets a lot of love in the blogging community for good reason – their products are incredibly well made, with beautiful designs that just make staying organized more fun. I’ve been a big fan of this brand for a long while and love supporting their store as much as possible.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

Another expensive prop to make this list is Charlotte Tilbury makeup. I very recently shared my love for the brand in a post, so it comes as no surprise that I highly recommend trying at least an item or two from CT. This isn’t a brand that is strictly a blog photo prop though – instead, that’s just an added benefit. Charlotte Tilbury is first a fantastic beauty brand with extremely high quality items. The fact that their lipsticks look so gorgeous for Instagram photos is just an awesome bonus.

Marble Slabs

Marble has become a popular background for a lot of blog photos lately, with props like slabs, trays, and cutting boards showing up more and more often. The thing is, marble can be incredibly expensive to buy and is really heavy which makes it kind of a pain to use as a prop after awhile. The way I like to skirt around this issue is by taking a DIY approach. Using white boards and marble adhesive film, I’ve been able to create a few different backgrounds that look exactly like real marble slabs.

What are your opinions of cliché blogger props?



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