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3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Sermon

Growing up, I often had a hard time getting anything out of weekly sermons. I loved attending church, but found it difficult to really connect with what the pastor was speaking about. Over time, I’ve been able to develop little habits that help me better understand each message, and now I’m able to listen to a sermon and actually feel like God is speaking directly to me (instead of not understanding what was being discussed and trying desperately to not fall asleep mid-message). Getting the most out of a church sermon is quite easy, as long as you’re focused and you apply yourself.

Take Notes

Writing down notes and thoughts during each sermon is probably the thing that has changed my spiritual growth the most. Before, I used to just sit through a service and then by Tuesday I’d forgotten most of what the pastor had spoken about. Now, I bring a little notebook along with my Bible to church every Sunday, and take notes all throughout the message. Not only does this help me focus on the pastor’s words better, but I also have something to look back on later as a refresher. I like to write down any thoughts and inspirations that come to me throughout the sermon, as well as any Bible verses that really spoke to me. It’s helped me connect more to what I’m reading, and I feel I’m definitely getting more out of the message each week.

Listen…Then Listen Again

Sometimes I listen to a church sermon and don’t really connect to it, but then I’ll hear it again a year later and it will completely speak to where I’m at in that point in my life. Because of this, I’ve realized that your current season in life plays a huge part in whether you’re able to relate to a specific sermon or not. A message I recently listened to on marriage didn’t really apply to me now because I’m not married, but it’s something I’ll go back and listen to once I’m wed because it covered so many important topics. If a sermon doesn’t really apply or connect to you now, that doesn’t mean it never will. God might still want to speak to you through that sermon, but just at a different point in your life.

Join A Discussion

Sometimes the best way to learn about something is by talking it over with others. Getting different perspectives is a great way to form a well-rounded opinion, and somebody might point out something about a particular Bible passage that makes everything click for you. A great place to discuss each week’s sermon is in a Bible study group or small group from your church. If your church doesn’t have a program like this set up yet, you can also find online groups to join that study sections of the Bible together. My favorite is She Reads Truth. I’ve been doing Bible studies with them for almost 4 years now, and each study has been better than the last. I love that they have a comment section for each day’s lesson, so you can talk to the other girls in the group and encourage and pray for each other. It’s been incredible to have such an uplifting group of women to be a part of.

What are some thing you do to get the most out of your weekly sermon?


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