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How To Revive A Tired Complexion

Staying up all night studying or binge watching the latest season of Orange Is The New Black might’ve sounded like a good idea at the time, but battling a dull, tired complexion the next morning is never fun. There’s nothing less flattering than taking on the day with a sleepy zombie face. Faking that wide awake, “just got 8 hours of sleep” look isn’t impossible though, as long as you’ve got the right tools and know how to use them.

Go For Hydration

A tired complexion is usually lacking in hydration, so reach for products that pack a lot of moisture. Before applying makeup, I love using the Hangover Replenishing Face Primer from Too Faced because it’s almost like a moisturizer and primer in one, and it always gives my skin a beautiful glow. Another hydrating option I love is Glossier’s Stretch Concealer*. This works wonders at covering up those pesky dark circles from lack of sleep, and it also helps brighten the complexion and give the skin a dewy glow. My face always looks 10x better after using this concealer to give it some life.

Highlight The Right Areas

I find that when trying to fake that “wide awake” look, it really helps to highlight the right areas. A soft glow to the tops of the cheekbones helps give the face a lift, which is great for when your skin look dull and tired. I’m a huge fan of the Colourpop highlighters because they’re super affordable and high quality. I love using the shade Spoon for an instant champagne glow, and you can also use this to add a bit of light to the inner corners for the eyes and above the brow bone.

Focus On The Eyes

The eyes can be a dead giveaway that you are majorly lacking sleep, so I always make sure to focus a lot of my makeup on them. First, I like to use a nice brightening shade all over the lid to really wake the eyes up. Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in Creme de Rose is my favorite for this because it’s a pretty neutral shade with just the tiniest hint of pink. Then, taking a nude eyeliner pencil like HoneyDude from Colourpop, I fill in the waterline of both eyes to help open them up and combat any redness from lack of sleep. Lastly, a volumizing and curling mascara is a must. My current favorite is the new Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara from L’Oreal. This is seriously one of the best drugstore mascaras I’ve ever tried, and it really helps make my eyes pop.

Have you ever had to battle a tired complexion?


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