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Uplifting Reminders For When You’re Not Feeling Like Yourself

We’re all busy with things in life. Whether it’s school, work, family, responsibilities, or just a bunch of little things piling up, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed from time to time. Sometimes, it can even be the littlest of things that throws us off track. When I find myself in the midst of moments like these and not really feeling like me, I have a few little sayings and reminders I like to tell myself, to stay focused and get back on track.

  • Even our worst days only have 24 hours
  • Challenges are what shape us into the best versions of ourselves
  • Everyone else is going through their own struggles, you’re not alone
  • It’s okay to not be where you thought you would be at this time
  • A little friendly competition is fine every now and then, but comparison will destroy you
  • Don’t feel guilty about taking breaks or time off – you deserve it
  • It’ll all be worth it in the end
  • Just think of how proud you’ll feel once you’ve achieved that next goal
  • Don’t define your own success by other people’s standards or achievements
  • Remember to be kind to yourself
  • You are perfectly equipped to face this challenge
  • It’s okay if you fail, or if you feel the need to start over from scratch
  • Every struggle is an opportunity to learn something new
  • If something isn’t working, try approaching from a different perspective
  • Allow past successes to inspire and motivate you
  • If you’re feeling burnt out, it might be best to step away for a bit and come back later with a fresh mind

What words of wisdom do you turn to when you’re not feeling yourself?


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