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10 Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own

When I first became interested in makeup, I was extremely intimidated by the vast amount of makeup brushes available. Over the past few years, I’ve tried out several different brushes and have discovered a few that are absolutely crucial to my makeup collection. If you’re feeling a little confused like I was, I have come up with a list of the top 10 brushes every girl needs in her arsenal to create the perfect look every day.

10 Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own

  1. Fluffy Face Brush – This brush is perfect for applying face powder and blending out bronzer and blush.
  2. Brow/Lash Brush + Comb – This one is a must for keeping those brows groomed! You can use it to help when trimming your brows, as well as brushing the color through when filling them in so that they look natural.
  3. Angled Liner Brush – Use this brush with shadow or gel to line your eyes, using the angled tip to create a wing or “cat eye”. You can also use this brush to line your lips if you don’t have a lip pencil.
  4. Fluffy Shader Brush – These brushes work well for packing and blending a lot of color onto your lids.
  5. Small Shader Brush – This brush differs from the Fluffy Shader Brush due to it’s smaller size and dense bristles. It works great for adding detail and shape to your eye look, as well as getting into the corners of your eyes to highlight and make your eyes look bigger.
  6. Angled Face Brush – This brush can be used for applying foundation or to contour your face (the angle is great for getting super defined cheekbones).
  7. Fluffy Blending Brush – The most important part of any eye look is to blend like crazy, so investing in a good blending brush is key.
  8. Small Setting Brush – This brush is needed to get into all of the small spaces of your face to set your concealer and foundation. Perfect for getting right up under your eyes and around your nose and mouth.
  9. Blush Brush – Every girl needs a great blush brush, something fluffy and tapered to hit the apples of your cheeks without getting the blush all over the side of your face.
  10. Dense Foundation Brush – This is the kind of brush you’ll want for applying liquid or cream foundation. It blends the foundation perfectly onto your skin to give you that flawless, airbrushed look.

Which brushes do you believe are must-haves?


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