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10 Ways To Build Self Confidence

Building self confidence is a topic I feel passionate about discussing. I spent most of my time growing up feel super self-conscious and terrified of what people thought about me. I still occasionally struggle with my self esteem, but I have learned a handful of different tips and tricks that have helped me become more confident and happy.

10 Ways To Build Self Confidence

  1. Dress up and take selfies I know that may seem a bit silly, but whenever I’m feeling not cute I like to put together an outfit that makes me feel beautiful and snap some selfies. Taking cute photos of yourself is a quick way for you to feel awesome!
  2. Get your hair done Every time I get a new hair cut or change up my hair color, I instantly feel more confident. It’s a bit of a fresh start and something new (unless the haircut turned out badly – eek!). You’ll feel more beautiful, which will result in you holding your head a little higher and smiling at everyone you meet.
  3. List your best qualities I once read that if you’re having a low self esteem moment, you should think about all of the good things about yourself. This couldn’t be more true! Thinking positive thoughts about yourself is crucial in having good self esteem. Remember, it’s not vain to love and appreciate who you are.
  4. Do something awesome for someone else Doing something good for someone else just makes people feel good about themselves too. Even a small kind gesture, like holding open a door for someone else or paying for the person in line behind you at the drive-thru, will boost your self esteem and happiness.
  5. SMILE! Trust me, smiling works wonders. Cracking a grin sends messages to our brain telling it that we’re happy, so our brain will release more endorphins making us feel happier (at least that’s what I’ve read – I’m not a scientist, but I’ve tried it and it definitely helps improve your mood). Smiling can also brighten someone else’s day, so make sure to make eye contact with everyone you meet and flash them your best smile!
  6. Think of all of the amazing things you’ve accomplished and all of your goals for the future Did something not work out for you? Do you feel where you’re at in life is not where you want to be? Don’t beat yourself up about it! Think about all of the amazing things you’ve done so far in your life, and all of the awesome goals you have for your future. Don’t have any goals planned out yet? Then make some! Put some time to the side to write up a fun little goal list for the next week/month/year.
  7. Exercise and eat healthy Taking care of your body is instantly going to make you feel more proud of who you are. Healthy eating and working out are major mood boosters, and it’s a proven fact that active bodies release more chemicals that will make us happier for a longer period of time.
  8. Treat yo’self Periodically reward your awesomeness by treating yourself to something nice! Maybe a manicure, a new pair of shoes, a flea market trip, some new books, etc. Make sure to really enjoy this time to spoil yourself because you deserve it.
  9. Surround yourself with positive, happy people Being around positive people is like having a constant ray of sunshine in your life, and their uplifting attitudes will rub off on you and make you more positive.
  10. Do what makes you happy There is nothing more uplifting and inspiring than doing what you truly love to do. It fills your life with happiness and makes every day so much better.

Have you ever dealt with low self esteem? How do you build up your confidence?


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