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My Bad Beauty Habits

As a beauty obsessive, I have my fair share of beauty habits. Some good…and some not so good. I hate to admit it, but even knowing the importance of some habits doesn’t always make them easy to stick to. (Also, I’m lazy.) I thought I’d share my bad beauty habits with you all today, in an attempt to be more diligent at breaking them (since you guys can kind of hold me accountable).

My Bad Beauty Habits

  • Always forgetting to wash my brushes – in fact, I even bought stickers for my planner to help me remember
  • I’m also really bad about not taking all of my makeup off at night – sometimes I remember, and sometimes I totally space it and wake up with raccoon eyes
  • Never remembering to use a lip liner before applying lipstick
  • Beauty sleep is super important but there are plenty of nights when I’m up until 4am
  • There are some days when I just can’t be bothered to spray on heat protectant before flat ironing my hair
  • I’m also super forgetful when it comes to applying a daily SPF
  • Playing with my hair a lot which causes it to get dirty and tangled easier
  • Having a terrible habit of biting the skin off my lips instead of scrubbing it off (gross, I know)
  • Picking at my nail polish, and leaving chipped polish on my nails for days
  • Only brushing my hair like once a day, if that
  • Forgetting to apply moisturizer when I get out of the shower
  • Waiting way too long to get haircuts
  • Holding off on using products because they look so nice and new instead of actually getting some use out of them
  • Purchasing something new before finishing up what I already have #beautyhoarder

What are some of your bad beauty habits?


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