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10 Easy Ways To Share Your Blog Posts

You’ve just written a killer post – some of your best work. You spellcheck, hit “Publish”…and then what? For many “newbie” bloggers (and some experienced ones), they have no other step after that. They send their post out into the blogosphere, and walk away. This is so bad for blog growth, and it’s one of the biggest no-no’s in blogging. You can’t expect anyone to see your new post (especially if you’re just starting out) if all you do is hit publish and then just leave it sitting on your blog. You’ve got to get it out there for potential new readers to see!

10 Easy Ways To Share Your Blog Posts

  1. Send out a tweet including the title of your post (or a short sentence summarizing what it’s about), a picture from the post, and the link
  2. Pin images from your article onto Pinterest boards of the same topic (don’t forget to include any group boards you’re a part of, as long as the image/post fits in with the theme of the board)
  3. Instagram an image from the post, and include any relevant hashtags
  4. When commenting on other blogs, leave a link to your newest post at the bottom of your comment (make sure to be subtle, not spammy)
  5. Share a link on your Facebook fan page and invite anyone who hasn’t seen the post yet to come check it out
  6. Post a quick update to your Instagram story letting your followers know about your new content
  7. Share your new post on your Google+ page as well as in any Google+ communities you’ve join (as long as hey have to do with blogging or the topic you’ve written about)
  8. Post a link to your new post in any relevant forums you are active in
  9. Share the post in your blog’s newsletter
  10. Submit your posts to weekly blog link parties (or start one of your own)

How do you promote your new posts?


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