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You Know You’re A Beauty Blogger When…

Ever since becoming a beauty blogger, I’ve found myself doing certain things that I can only assume other beauty bloggers can understand. I swear, I used to just be your average makeup lover, but now? Full on beauty junkie (seriously, you should see my makeup table and bathroom counters). I thought it’d be fun to compile everything together – maybe some of you can relate, and if not, maybe it will make you laugh.

You Know You’re A Beauty Blogger When…

  • It’s impossible to walk through a drugstore or shop without picking up a new lipstick
  • You constantly find yourself swatching different nail colors (resulting in a mismatched manicure)
  • The thought of trying a new toner or moisturizer gets you out of bed in the morning
  • You start scanning the pages of magazines for the makeup ads instead of the articles themselves
  • You have a beauty board on Pinterest (and you spend way too much time pinning things to it)
  • You start running out of room to store your makeup
  • There are random makeup products swatched all over your hands by the time you leave Ulta or Sephora
  • News of new collections releasing is the most exciting part of your week
  • You know how to contour a nose
  • The people working at your local beauty store know you by name
  • You can spend hours reading or watching makeup tutorials (and have)
  • You know MAC lipstick swatches by name
  • All of your extra cash goes towards makeup purchases
  • It’s totally normal to wear a full face of makeup for a quick trip to Walmart
  • You own 12 different mascaras
  • You’d rather spend the afternoon taking photos of different products for future posts instead of relaxing with a book or movie

If you’re a beauty blogger (or just a beauty addict in general), can you relate to any of these?


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  • Liv G

    I’m definitely always rocking a full face at Walmart!!! I think that beauty blogging has made me enjoy life so much that everything feels like a special occasion worthy of my best beat!

    -Liv G!

    April 1, 2018 at 11:55 pm Reply
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