Fun Things To Do This Summer

Summertime is my favorite part of the year (closely followed by autumn, of course). I suffer from a lot of seasonal depression in the winter months, so when summer rolls around it feels like my soul gets a burst of happiness and creativity. Even though it can get super hot, I still like to get out and do some fun summer activities to celebrate the season. There’s just something about these long, warm days that makes me want to get out and do stuff like crazy. If you’re trying to come up with ideas for your summer bucket list, here are some of my favorite seasonal activities.

25 Fun Things To Do This Summer

  1. Take a road trip to a city you’ve never been to
  2. Get some friends together and head to a local waterpark or tourist attraction (don’t forget to take a lot of silly pictures)
  3. Have a picnic lunch at your favorite park
  4. Explore a local nature trail
  5. Get some old friends together for a fancy night out (or in)
  6. Spend the day at the lake
  7. Go plant shopping at a local nursery
  8. Start a little herb garden in your kitchen, or an actual garden in your backyard
  9. Brew a big pitcher of fruit-infused sun tea
  10. Try out some new summer-inspired recipes (I’m currently exploring some different salad recipes)
  11. Take a photography challenge, like capturing your summer memories with a toy camera or participating in a photo-a-day challenge
  12. Organize a weekly book club or knitting circle
  13. Visit a local farm to pick fresh produce
  14. Attend a music festival with a huge group of friends
  15. Marathon a few new releases at the movie theater
  16. Try making your own ice cream or fruit pops
  17. Go get a cute mani/pedi for summer
  18. Do something fun with your hair (dye it a color you’ve always wanted, get bangs, try beachy waves, etc.)
  19. Sign up for a color run or mud run
  20. Have a big barbecue with your family and ask everyone to bring a side
  21. Mix up some ice cold cocktails
  22. Have a summer fashion swap with a few of your friends
  23. Try out some DIY summer beauty hacks
  24. Do something exciting that you’ve never done before, like camping or rock climbing
  25. Visit your local farmers market each week for the ingredients to cook a new meal

What are some fun things you have planned for the summer?


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