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Struggles Every Pale Girl Knows

Lately, my favorite way to waste time has been by watching makeup videos on Instagram. While scrolling through tutorials the other day, I started to notice that most of the girls showing up in my feed had medium-to-tan skin tones. While their coloring was absolutely gorgeous, there was no way a pasty gal like myself could pull off the looks they were creating (seriously, where are all of the pale MUAs at??). I figured I’d just add that incident to the long list of things pale girls struggle with on the daily, and that got me to thinking about just how long that list really is. Being on the extreme end of any spectrum comes with it’s set of struggles, and here are the ones that all pale girls have to deal with…

  • It’s ridiculously hard to find a foundation light enough for our skin that doesn’t oxidize to a darker shade by midday…
  • …but not as hard as it is to apply a faux tan that doesn’t turn us into an orange Oompa Loompa
  • Most bronzers tend to look too warm on our skin to be used for contouring, which means we sometimes have to use cool-toned brown eyeshadows to achieve that chiseled look
  • It’s so easy to apply too much blush and end up looking like a clown
  • Acne breakouts and rosacea are even more obvious on super pale skin
  • You want to know what else is super obvious? When we are embarrassed and blushing
  • Lighting for videos and photos has to be well thought out to avoid looking like a pretty Lord Voldemort
  • We’ve heard way too many times that we need to “get a tan” or go outside more
  • The problem is, sunscreen and shade is a must at all times so we don’t burn
  • Makeup-free days means lots of answering if we’re feeling ill or tired
  • Also, dark circles can end up looking way worse when you’re whiter than Casper
  • Flash photography is our worst enemy
  • Pale skin + dark hair means shaving every single day is an absolute must
  • Any kind of physical activity can result in a blotchy red face for hours (yes, hours)
  • Bright colors look even brighter on us
  • Dark makeup trends tend to make us look like we’re attempting to go goth
  • Speaking of makeup trends, most end up being too bold or dark for us to pull of
  • We’ve sadly come to terms with the fact that we’ll never be able to contour like Kim K

Are you a “ghost girl” who struggles with these problems too?


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