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Bag Spill: What’s Currently In My Purse

Hey AGO fam, this is Kris from Mom Jeans & Mimosas!  I will be guest posting today and sharing my current bag spill.  

Do you ever wonder what’s in another woman’s handbag?  I know it sounds bizarre but I am always a curious kitty when it comes to the seemingly endless abyss of a purse.  Lately, I haven’t been focused on beauty but most of what’s in my bag is beauty related.  

Now, I have already shared what’s in my bag before but the big difference?  Diapers.  There’s no more diapers!  I have recently potty trained my last babe so that leaves more space for fun stuff like lip plumper for those times when the car is providing the perfect #selfie lighting…


Sometimes, when the kids fall asleep in the car, I shamelessly take selfies because Motherhood doesn’t offer too many opportunities to yourself.  But we all know, Mom or not, that the car has the best lighting so go ahead and snap away.  Just make sure you are prep’d with chapstick, lip gloss, dry shampoo, hair pins, hair bands and some hairspray.  Do like I do and raid the sample section at the beauty store.  They offer travel sized products that don’t take up too much space and are easy on the wallet.  

I’m especially loving these Eva Purse Perfect hair towelettes I got from my Influenster vox box.  They are are soft, serum-infused wipes that tame frizz and flyaways, add radiant shine and refresh on-the-go.  I also carry with me a brush and a mini hair emergency kit I got from Scunci.  It’s that funny snake skin bag pictured above and it has everything you need to add some lovin to your hair on the go!


Super important especially when you want to eat at home but can’t.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten so hungry I’ve bought something cheap and unfulfilling.  #regret Now, I pack healthy snacks in my purse like a good protein bar, dried apples and some fresh fruit for the babies.  This RXBAR from Trader Joes is packed with all kinds of good stuff and is honestly filling!  

Other important things

Okay, I don’t get gas that often ((I drive a prius)) but when I  do, I want to bleach the nozzle because… eeew!  Germs!  I have to have wipes and hand sanitizer.  I stick to ones I can trust like Honest which is free of any harmful chemicals.  The kids love a little sanitizer spray too!  And when the spray isn’t moisturizing enough?  I reach for healing balm which cures e v e r y t h i n g !

What do you carry in your purse that you can’t leave home without?  I hope you found this article to be informative and thanks for joining me as always.  Till next time, XoXo



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