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5 Beauty Products That Let Me Down

While it can be incredibly easy for me to write about the products I love, I’d really like to create more of a balance here on AGO by sharing some of the items that just did not live up to my expectations. Truth is, there are usually a handful of products that I try each season that end up not impressing me at all. I try to focus on the positive of every situation, but I think this might be a fun post to do every now and then. For this first roundup, I’ve got 5 products that definitely let me down.

First up are some e.l.f. products that didn’t work for me, and surprisingly they’re both highlighters. I’m a huge fan of e.l.f. as a brand, but I find that their products can really be hit or miss. I was excited about trying their Baked Highlighter* because it looked so gorgeous in the pan, but for some reason it just does not transfer onto my skin. I used a fan brush and it didn’t show up on my skin, and using my finger only helped a tiny bit. I’m a fan of blinding highlights, so this was a complete letdown.

After that, I decided to try their Liquid Highlighter* in the hopes that the liquid formula would work better. Well, I was both right and wrong. The highlight is absolutely beautiful, and gives a nice, bright sheen to the cheekbones. The reason why this product let me down is because the formula separates so easily, and every time I’ve gone to use it, this gross oily liquid comes out and makes a mess everywhere before the actual product squeezes out. I’ve done everything I can think of – shaken the tube, stored it upside for a couple days…I even massaged the tube to try to mix everything back together, but nothing fixed this issue. So, sadly, it’s into the bin with this one.

This next product absolutely breaks my heart to write about, but despite trying my best to love it, I just couldn’t get it to work for me. I ordered the Legendary Lashes Mascara from Charlotte Tilbury awhile back, and I have to be truthful: it’s horrible. Now, I know I just shared a post about how Charlotte Tilbury is a brand that never disappoints, and I still stand by that statement because I’ve tried several of their products that were amazing and I’m convinced this mascara was just a fluke. It was an expensive fluke though, so I’m a little bitter. The packaging is gorgeous, but that’s pretty much where the positives stop. I felt like this mascara didn’t really do anything major for my lashes, and every time I wore it, I noticed it would kind of “melt” down onto the tops of my cheeks by midday. Definitely not cute.

I received a deluxe sample of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner recently, and decided to swatch it along with the other liquid liners I own to see which ones were the best. I was surprised to find that this one was actually the least pigmented out of the 5 that I swatched (Models Own and Maybelline had the best, btw). Given the hype surrounding this liner and the fact that “tattoo” is in the name, I was pretty bummed by the results of how it looked on my hand. I’ve yet to actually use it on my eyes, but doubt I will because I’m the type that likes a really dark black liner.

The last item in this disappointing roundup is the Bior√© Charcoal Pore Strips*, and for several reasons. First, they hurt like hell. Peeling this off my nose was excruciatingly painful, and had my mom in a fit of giggles from the stream of curse words coming out of my mouth while trying to get it off my face. Second, they’re messier than other pore strips I’ve tried in the past. If you put too much water on your nose, the charcoal starts seeping through the strip and gets all over your fingers while you’re trying to place it on your nose. Also, after taking it off there were patches of charcoal left all over my nose that had to be rinsed off. Lastly, I really didn’t much removed from my pores. Trust me, I checked – I get an odd satisfaction from inspecting pore strips after I’ve pulled them off, and I could only spy 2 or 3 blackheads stuck to the charcoal strip. If you have problem skin or a lot of blackheads especially, I would not recommend these.

What’s a recent beauty product you’ve tried that let you down?


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