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The 3 Crucial Changes I Made That Exploded My Pinterest Following (And Why Every Blogger Should Make Them Too)

Let me cut straight to the point of this entire post – if you’re a blogger and you’re not using Pinterest to grow your blog, you should be. Pinterest is a huge social platform and it can be extremely easy to get your content seen by a vast audience. For the past year, Pinterest has been the second top referral for my blog (only beaten by Google, which is understandable). When I noticed this, I decided to pull my focus from Twitter, which was barely showing any positive results, and spend that time putting even more work into Pinterest. The results have been incredible (my Pinterest account receives almost 1 million views a month!), and here are the 3 changes I’ve made that have created the biggest impact.

Make The Switch To Vertical

For the longest time, I kept my photos horizontal. I had read time and time again that I should be using vertical images because they were Pinterest-friendly, but I was super stubborn because I preferred wide photos at the time. In all honesty, the reason I started posting tall images is because I noticed that they showed up so much better on Bloglovin’, and I wanted to make sure I’d get as much traffic as possible over there. Low and behold, as soon as I started sharing vertical pictures on Pinterest, I began to see a drastic increase in referral traffic. In fact, my pins are doing far better now in terms of re-pins and clicks than they’ve ever done before. So, I must join the people that have been saying this for ages – if you haven’t yet, start including at least one vertical photo in your blog posts that you can share on Pinterest. Trust me.

Share Like Crazy

I used to just hop on Pinterest to share my latest post, pin a random thing or two, and then wouldn’t get back on until the next day (where I would proceed to do the same thing). Looking back, it’s no wonder my engagement was on the slower side. From my experience, Pinterest is one of those things that gives what is put into it. If you only spend a minute or two pinning things, you’re only going to get a small amount of engagement and traffic to your site. If you spend a lot of time pinning, sharing, and updating your page, you’ll get a ton of activity with your feed. I know most people suggest paying a company to schedule your pins all throughout the day, but that just feels inauthentic to me. Instead, I like to just jump on the site (either on my computer or the app on my phone) and spend a few minutes randomly throughout the day pinning different things. This feels more genuine to me, plus I personally love spending a lot of my free time browsing the app and sharing my favorite finds.

Curate Your Feed

In any marketing plan, one of the main goals is to find your target audience. From what I’ve experienced over the years, the easiest way to do this is by sharing/creating/curating what you would like to see. A blog tip that I’ve heard many times is to “create a blog that you would want to follow”. Well, it’s probably no surprise that the same exact thing can be said of Pinterest. When I first created my account, I would just re-pin whatever would catch my eye. I had a random assortment of boards that were unorganized, and there was really no thought behind how my feed looked. As a result, I didn’t have very many followers and hardly an activity. Now fast forward to today – I only re-pin things that I absolutely love and that work with my brand’s aesthetic, my boards are in an organized order and have cohesive cover photos, and I’ve taken the time to write a nice little profile bio with a link back to my blog. Doing this has completely changed the way Pinterest works for me. My follower count is up, engagement is skyrocketing, and I’m able to reach people that are much more likely to fall under the “target audience” category.

Now, you might be thinking, “That’s great and all, but what does growing Pinterest have to do with my blog?” If you’ve been paying attention to what’s going on with Instagram lately, you’ll know that there’s a bit of chaos happening at the moment where people don’t know if they’ve been “shadowbanned”, accounts are losing followers just as quickly as they’re gaining them, and some people’s accounts have been shut down altogether. Clearly, Instagram is no longer a fool-proof place to try to grow your following and reach out to new readers. Pinterest, however, is showing amazing results for referring traffic, and I think we’d all be foolish not to take advantage of it. The more people you’re able to reach on Pinterest, the more likely that you’ll see an increase in traffic from people either checking out the posts you’ve been pinning or by clicking your blog link from your profile page. It doesn’t take a ton of extra work to start using the platform for your blog’s growth, and I promise that you’ll see positive results.

Do you have any tips or tricks for growing your Pinterest following?


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