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Battling Adult Acne Breakouts with ZAPZYT

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All throughout my teenage years, I was told that acne breakouts were something I’d eventually “grow out of”. While my skin has never been horrible, I’ve always struggled with problem zits and the odd breakout thanks to hormones and stress. The worst part? They haven’t gone away as I’ve grown older (much to the dismay of my teenage self). I know that acne is something that most people deal with and that I shouldn’t feel embarrassed, but it’s still a major bummer when you wake up to a big angry pimple right in the center of your chin. Thankfully, there are so many more acne treatments brands on the market now since my teenage years. ZAPZYT is one such brand that I’ve recently been trying out, and I’m so thrilled with the results I’ve been seeing!

ZAPZYT’s Acne Treatment Gel* is definitely my new favorite product for spot treating problem zits. This little tube of miracle gel has tremendously helped reduce the appearance of my acne breakouts, especially those angry red spots that are super noticeable (and super difficult to cover up). My favorite thing about this gel is that I’ve been able to seamlessly incorporate it into my beauty routines – it’s something that I can add to my skincare lineup when I’m having breakouts, and it can also be applied before my makeup as a quick spot treatment (it absorbs almost instantly, so it’s perfect right before applying primer). The cherry on top? It costs less than $5 and can be picked up online or at your local Walmart.

Along with the Acne Treatment Gel, ZAPZYT also offers a whole line of breakout-fighting skincare goodies. They have a fantastic cleanser and face scrub (both formulated to help treat acne-prone skin), and even a Pore Treatment Gel* that reduces the bacteria that causes breakouts while also soothing and hydrating the skin. All of ZAPZYT’s products are created to provide extremely fast results while still being gentle, which is perfect for someone like me who has sensitive skin. When used together, these products create a fool-proof skincare routine that actually works at clearing up skin quickly, ensuring a clear and healthy complexion. (And again, all of these products are super affordable and cost around $5 each which I think is so awesome!)

Do you struggle with adult acne? Have you tried ZAPZYT yet?http://primp.in/pixel_track/index.js


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