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5 Tips For Daily Blogging

I remember making the change a couple years ago from blogging once or twice a week to blogging every day. I felt that I was at a point in my blogging career where I was ready to make the commitment, but boy was I terrified. Blogging every single day is a pretty intimidating challenge. Self-doubt can make you second guess whether you’re capable of taking on such a feat, but it’s not as hard as it may seem so long as you’re properly prepared for the hard work ahead.

Keep A Notebook Handy

This really is a must. You don’t want to think of a few topics you want to write about while at the store, just to forget them by the time you get home to write them down. I like to keep a small journal in my purse and a folder app on my phone (for those times when I don’t have my bag with me) for blog post ideas, new content possibilities, ideas for new series, etc.

Use An Editorial Calendar

Create an editorial calendar so that you’re never scrambling to figure out what to write about for the day. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that several times, and it is never fun. Waking up in the morning realizing you have no clue what to blog about kind of feels like when you walk into class and remember you forgot to do the homework that was due. No fun! To stay on top of my game and to keep organized, I plan out my posts a month in advance. That way, I have a good idea of what I’ll be covering for the month and I can see any holes in the flow of my content and correct them ahead of time.

Backup Posts

Have backup posts planned for the days when you experience “bloggers block”. I like to keep a few quick + fun post ideas jotted down and loosely planned out – it gives me a bit of a safety net in case something messes up my editorial schedule. Life happens sometimes, ya know? It always helps to be prepared. If you need some inspiration, click here to check out the hundreds of blog post ideas I’ve shared over the years.

Bulk Photography

Take a day each week and, using your editorial calendar, get all of your photography done for the next several blog posts you have planned. I usually do this on the weekend. It saves so much time because you’ll only have to set up your camera and gear once instead of multiple times throughout the week, and then you’ll have your photos all ready to go when it comes time to write up your posts.

Blog What You Love

This tip probably sounds redundant, but it’s absolutely vital if you’re wanting to blog daily and provide quality content for your readers. When you’re extremely passionate about the things you’re writing about, ideas are constantly flowing and you very rarely have to worry about running out of ideas or becoming burnt out. So don’t feel like you need to write about what everyone else is posting on their blogs (again – been there, done that). Write about the topics that inspire you every day and create the type of posts you’d love to read!

Do you blog daily? What are some of the obstacles you’ve faced from blogging everyday?


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