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May Goals

Happy May, lovelies! I’m so excited for a new month to begin. April was a bit crazy for me, and after last week I’m so ready for a fresh new start. I’ve been having issue after issue with my current apartment, so I’m in the middle of packing up my things and preparing for another move. While I’m looking for a better apartment (and saving up for a car), I’ll be moving into a spare room at my parents’ place for a few months. Several life changes have hit me all within the past few weeks, so as you can imagine, I’ve been feeling rather frazzled. However! I’m looking on the bright side and know that God is working things together for the better, so I’m not going to stress over it.

May Goals

  • Have a thorough destash of all of my belongings, including clothes, makeup, and accessories
  • Finish packing (and find a storage unit)
  • Get on the move-in list for a new apartment
  • Continue blogging daily (I’ve been doing this again and have really been enjoying it, I hope you guys have too)
  • Officially launch my new ebook, Blogging 365
  • Try the 5:2 Eating Plan (has anyone else tried this before?)
  • If that doesn’t work, give Whole 30 a try
  • Start getting up earlier for morning walks
  • Make a few trips to the local farmers market
  • Read, watch, and listen to something new

Do you have any new goals for the month?


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