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10 Things To Do On Your First Staycation

The weather is getting warmer, which means I’m starting to think about road trips and summer vacations. Traveling to a new exotic locale is always a blast, but sometimes our wallets just don’t have the same wanderlust in mind as we do. When this happens, I always have the perfect remedy in mind – a staycation! If you’ve never heard of a staycation, it’s basically when you stay in your home town/city and enjoy it like you’re on vacation. And I mean do it up – stay in a nice hotel, order room service, visit the spa…the whole nine yards. If you’ve never been on a staycation before, here are some things you definitely have to do on your first one.

10 Things To Do On Your First Staycation

  1. Make reservations at a hotel that you’ve always wanted to stay at
  2. Eat a delicious meal at a fancy restaurant (get all dressed up beforehand too)
  3. Pretend to be a tourist in your own city – take a tour around your town and make sure to hit all of the silly roadside attractions
  4. Visit an area of town that you’re not very familiar with and just explore
  5. Sleep in super late just because you can
  6. Order room service late at night and get something totally indulgent
  7. Have a total relaxation day at the hotel’s spa – no cellphones or distractions allowed
  8. Plan a glamorous night out on the town with friends
  9. Visit your local zoo, museum, or amusement park
  10. Spend a day visiting places/attractions around your town that you’ve never been too before

Have you ever taken a staycation before?


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