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Bloggers Made Me Want It (A Beauty Wish List)

One of the biggest problems I have as a beauty blogger is wanting to buy everything I see on all of my favorite blogs. It’s so tempting to want to rush out and buy everything from the latest makeup launch, especially when someone has beautifully photographed it for a post. Because of this, I have a beauty wish list nearly a mile long (oh how I wish I was joking). Today, I thought I’d share some goodies that bloggers have recently made me want (and hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on them soon).

For base products, I’m hardcore crushing on the Double Duty Hybrid Gel Foundation and Shape Tape Contour Concealer, both from Tarte. I’ve been seeing these on so many blogs and they’re getting such great reviews, so I feel like they’d be a good investment. Lily has me really wanting the NARS Radiance Primer. I keep seeing her mention it and she says it’s absolutely wonderful (plus I trust her judgement in makeup cause this girl knows her stuff). Highlighters are having quite the moment right now, and a few have come out that I’m head over heels for. Too Faced just released their new Love Light Prismatic Highlighters, and I about died when I saw them. They look like something straight out of a Sailor Moon episode! BECCA also released a prismatic highlighter – this one in a beautiful lavender shade – and it’s such a unique addition to the highlighter category. I already own quite a few highlighters so I don’t really need any more, but these sure are gorgeous.

Another Too Faced addition that I’ve seen a lot throughout the blogosphere is the new Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is huge, and has so many gorgeous colors to choose from. I’m a big fan of pinks, golds, and browns, so I could definitely see myself getting a lot of use from this. Benefit recently launched their new Galifornia Blush, and the beauty community pretty much lost their minds. I saw it pop up on four different blogs in the span of two days, as well as all over the popular page on Bloglovin’. So, safe to say I quickly added it to my wish list (I mean, look at how cute that packaging is!). A few of my blog friends recommended the new Sweet Peach Lip Oils, and honestly I’m pretty sure I need everything from this collection because it all looks so adorable. The colors these lip oils come in are the prettiest shades of peachy pink, so I’m kind of having a hard time deciding which color(s) to choose. The last item on my beauty wish list is Tarte’s new Maneater Mascara. I’ve heard so many incredible things about this from other bloggers, and saw a demo on QVC a couple weeks ago that has me convinced this could be the holy grail of mascaras. If you’ve tried it out, definitely let me know if it’s worth it!

Are there any beauty products that bloggers have made you add to your wish list?


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