3 “Unmentionables” Every Girl Needs

As a beauty blogger, I’ve talked about all kinds of products, from makeup and skincare to hair products and beauty tools. There are some items that I’ve noticed rarely ever get any coverage in the beauty blogging community though. I like to call those things the “unmentionables”. These items seem to be considered a little less glamorous than others, or maybe people just feel embarrassed writing about them. Despite all of that, I think it’s important to talk about them and share our thoughts on which brands and specific products are worth purchasing. So, today I’ve got 3 that are absolutely crucial to my daily beauty routine, and I highly recommend them for every girl.

Dry Spray Deodorant

Finding the perfect deodorant has been a lifelong process, but I’m happy to say that I have successfully found one that does everything I require a deodorant to do. Dove’s entire line of antiperspirants is amazing, but the true holy grail item is their Dry Sprays. They work fantastically at keeping you dry and smelling clean for 48 hours (no joke, I only have to apply deodorant every other day now). My favorite thing about them is that they don’t leave any sort of residue behind, so you’re free to go sleeveless in the summertime without having to worry about any little white bits on your under arms.

Feminine Wash

This next product is one that I never see mentioned in the beauty community, and I really have to wonder why not? We shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about certain products. So, here goes. Ladies, our vaginas are fragile things. Most body washes and soaps are too intense and can screw up our pH levels, so it’s important to invest in something a bit kinder to our intimate bits. I’ve been using Summer’s Eve Vaginal Cleansing Wash for the past few years, and have noticed a huge improvement. This soap rinses away entirely and leaves you feeling (and smelling) completely fresh. I think this is an absolute must, especially for the warmer months. There’s just really nothing better than feeling completely fresh “down there”.

Whitening Toothpaste

Having a bright, shining smile is a must, but sadly just brushing and flossing won’t keep your teeth entirely white if you’re a fan of dark drinks like coffee and Diet Coke (guilty, and…guilty). For me, using whitening systems like gels and strips is out of the question because I suffer from sensitivity, so I’ve turned to the next best thing – whitening toothpaste. When it comes to toothpastes, I’ve always been a little uneasy because traditional brands seem to be filled with so many chemicals, and I’ve always worried that I’ve been doing more harm than good when it comes to oral health. Luckily, I’ve found a brand called Hello that makes natural toothpaste and they have an option for people with sensitive teeth. I’m absolutely in love with it, and can actually rest assured because it includes ingredients like coconut oil and doesn’t have things like dyes, preservatives, or other weird chemicals.

What are your must have “unmentionables”?


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