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Fun Workouts For People Who Hate Working Out

I’m one of those people that knows all of the health benefits that come from exercise, but still hates working out. The thought of running for five miles or lifting weights just sounds so boring and tedious to me. I’ve learned over time that in order for me to stick to a regular fitness routine, it has to involve something fun that I’ll love to do. I mean, if it’s not something you enjoy then why are you doing it, right? After trying out several different workouts over the past few years, I’ve found a bunch that are a total blast (even for someone like me who hates exercise and sweating).

  • Explore somewhere in your town that is new to you – could be a park, shopping district, museum, etc.
  • Form a walking group with some of your friends that meets a few times a week
  • Join a local recreational sports team like volleyball, basketball, or tennis
  • Take weekly dance classes (or just go clubbing with your friends every weekend)
  • Search Youtube for fun workout videos
  • Create your own at-home bootcamp
  • Visit a nearby amusement park
  • Take a walk or hike through a beautiful forest or nature trail
  • Volunteer your time doing something helpful like mowing your elderly neighbor’s lawn or repainting a local school with your church
  • Gather a bunch of your friends to play ultimate frisbee every week
  • Join a hardcore workout class like Crossfit
  • Take a bike ride with your sweetheart
  • Spend a few hours playing with your dog at the local dog park
  • Sign up for a fun fitness challenge or group event like the Color Run

What are your favorite fun workouts?


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  • Ashleigh

    I recently discovered pole dancing classes which are supposed to be fantastic for your core and leg strength. You can also do trampoline fitness which sounds cool too

    February 8, 2018 at 1:52 pm Reply
  • Charley

    I always love the idea of working out as well, but as soon as I put on my shoes I lose all my energy. I love all of your ideas!

    March 24, 2018 at 6:10 pm Reply
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