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My Favorite Ways To Procrastinate While Still Getting Things Done

If I’m completely honest, I like to procrastinate. Given the option to either start the day early by getting a head start on a new project or waking up slowly with phone in hand, you’re likely to find me wasting a good 45 minutes browsing Tumblr before getting anything important done. It’s just how I’ve always been, but luckily I’ve been able to find some fun ways to trick myself into thinking I’m procrastinating when I’m actually getting productive things done that were on my daily to-do list anyway.

Network On Social Media

Being introverted is in my nature, and staying consistently social on social media expends so much more of my energy than it does for extroverted people. Making a conscious effort to push past my introverted tendencies has been making a huge difference though. One thing I’ve been focusing more on lately is networking on social media. “Networking” is really just my fancy word for spending time on Instagram and Pinterest reaching out to new people and working on growing my following. This could technically be considered work, but to me it’s just a lot of fun. 

Jot Down Content Ideas

Coming up with new blog post ideas is probably my favorite thing to do when I’m wanting to take a little break from work. I’ll sit down with a notebook and pen, and spend some time looking through old blog posts and browsing Pinterest for inspiration to spark new content ideas. Lily recently shared some fun ways to come up with content, and I’ve been using the Spider Diagram and Three Word Method like crazy.

Blog Research

Another thing I love to do when I’m putting off work is to do a bit of blog research. I’ve always been obsessed with reading up on how to improve my blog and social media accounts. Advice articles are regularly published, so there’s never a shortage of new information to try out. Some of my favorite places to find blog/business advice is Making Sense Of Cents, Elle & Co, By Regina, and Melyssa Griffin, but you can also find really good tips on Pinterest and just by Googling.

Update Social Media Profiles

Along with networking, I like to update my social media profiles when I’m sitting around procrastinating. This can include anything from putting up a new profile pic to writing a more recent bio and including new links. One thing I also do from time to time is to go through the accounts I’m following and unfollow anyone who is no longer updating. This isn’t done to be mean, I just like to keep my social media accounts tidy and don’t want to be following a bunch of non-active users.

Computer Maintenance

The last thing I love doing to productively procrastinate is cleaning and organizing my computer files. This probably sounds super boring for most people, but I love having everything on my computer in order. If I don’t stay on top of things, my computer can become a mess of blog photos, content ideas, random emails, and old files. I try to keep everything as organized as I can so that my workflow is as effortless as possible.

What are your favorite ways to stay productive while procrastinating?


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