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Beauty Lessons Learned In My Twenties

It’s crazy to think I’m nearing the end of my twenties. It still seems like it was just yesterday that I was leaving my teenage years behind and starting a new chapter in life. With less than two years left until I turn thirty (eek!), I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way. Beauty has been a topic that I’ve always been passionate about, and it’s something I’ve had an increasing interest in learning more about. Throughout my twenties, I’ve been able to learn from some of the best in the industry, thanks to the internet and my line of work. Some beauty trends come and go, but here are the things I’ve learned that really meant something.

  • Less is always more
  • Choose quality over convenience and cost
  • You don’t have to be in love with every trend that becomes popular
  • Inner beauty is second to none
  • Skincare doesn’t have to be overly complex and detailed – go with what works for you
  • Trends come and go, but a solid routine lasts forever
  • Difficult makeup techniques always get easier with practice
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out for help (Google is your friend)
  • Natural ingredients can do amazing things for you, both inside and out
  • Brand names don’t always mean high quality, and indie brands can surprise you with some amazing products
  • It’s always better to invest in a few quality products rather than buy a bunch of cheaper ones
  • Being interested in beauty does not mean you’re shallow or vain
  • Nothing can turn a bad day around quicker than getting dolled up in your favorite makeup
  • Take the time to discover your signature scent
  • It’s always okay to throw makeup on just for fun
  • You’re never too old to wear a certain color
  • Never, ever over pluck your eyebrows (but for the rare times you accidentally do, make sure you’ve got a good eyebrow pencil on hand)
  • You don’t have to buy every new product that hits the market
  • Some beauty rules are meant to be broken – have fun with it!

What are some important beauty lessons you’ve learned over the years?


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