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15 Ways To Win The Battle Against PMS

Each month, I struggle with intense PMS for a day or two when my period starts. It tends to be a little different each time (painful cramps and nausea one month, bloating and irritability the next), but it’s something that I’ve begrudgingly come to accept as a part of my monthly routine. As much of a total bummer PMS can be, I try my best to not let it rule my life for those few days by using the following tips.

15 Ways To Win The Battle Against PMS

  1. Go for a jog or do a fun cardio workout
  2. Drink some hot herbal tea (make sure it’s caffeine free!)
  3. Take a warm bath to relax your muscles
  4. Do some light yoga stretching
  5. Journal out all of your thoughts and feelings
  6. Call your mom
  7. Allow yourself some time to cry alone in your bedroom just to get all of those extra emotions out (screaming into a pillow is also a great way to release tension and stress)
  8. Watch some really funny movies and tv shows to help put you in a better mood
  9. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and flush your system of excess fluids
  10. Eat whole foods and avoid lots of salt, alcohol, and caffeine
  11. Grab painkillers and a heating pad for those pesky cramps
  12. Go get a massage – not only will this help relax your muscles, but it will also put you in a better mood and improve positivity
  13. Soak up some sun each day to get that vitamin D (helps with hormone balance and overall happiness)
  14. Make sure to get enough sleep or you’re just going to feel even crankier
  15. Use purifying masks and treatments to help your skin deal with hormonal breakouts

How to successfully beat PMS each month?


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