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Thoughts On Finding Your Decor Style

It feels so crazy to me to think that I’ve already lived in my own place for a whole year. That time really flew by, and it’s been such a fun experience settling down and creating a space to truly call my own. Reflecting on this got me to thinking about how much this apartment has changed over the past year. It’s insane how many decor styles one person can go through, especially when they were so certain how they wanted to decorate when they were planning their move.

When I first moved in, I really liked the idea of more feminine decor with lots of pinks and golds. I think I was originally going for more of what you’d call your typical “beauty blogger” look, but over time, I felt myself moving away from that particular style and going more towards something minimalistic with lots of white and black. Now, I find myself falling somewhere in the middle. I’m wanting a nice, clean living space that focuses mainly on whites and natural woods, with subtle hints of color like blush, gold, mint, and black to add some character and life to the place. Scandinavian decor and nordic stylings are really drawing me in at the moment. I feel like it’s probably going to be an ever-evolving thing though, but I’m having so much fun finding my decor identity along the way.

As I’ve switched up decor, added/removed things, and rearranged like crazy, I’ve discovered a few things that have really helped me hone in on exactly what type of decor I want my home to have. Things like scouring Pinterest for ideas and inspiration has, of course, been helpful, but I’ve found that creating a dedicated home decor folder has really been useful to keep everything in one place so it doesn’t get lost. Also, since all of my inspiration is in the same place, I’m able to pour over it and see which trends and looks keep popping up over and over again – thus, letting me know what I’m sincerely drawn to rather than something that just catches my eye once.

Another extremely helpful thing has been to just let myself experiment. I fully believe that you don’t really know if you like something until you try it. While decor trial-and-error isn’t the most fun thing to go through (major buyer’s remorse, y’all), I’ve been able to figure out exactly what types of decor I like the best. The art print gallery wall above my living room couches? Love it! The painted wood blocks with flowers and motivational quotes? Not so much. (They looked so cute in the store though, dangit!) Figuring out which styles you like is great, but try not to put a strict set of rules on how you’re going to decorate so you can have a little fun. I promise, you’ll be surprised by how many cute ways you can decorate that you never would’ve thought of at first. In fact, you’ll most likely run into the problem I’m currently in – having too many different options that you want to try.

Right now, I’m happy with how my home is looking but I’m definitely not done. There are some areas of my apartment that look really good, and others that still don’t look quite right. I’ve got a few walls that just seem blank, but whenever I try to switch things up something just feels off. A friend suggested that I print out a few rooms I’m loving from Pinterest, and use a pen to circle all of my favorite things about each room. Then I’ll know exactly what I’m wanting to incorporate into my own space, which will give me more of a starting point rather than just looking around my apartment wondering where to start next.

Have you discovered your ideal decor style, or are you still trying things out?


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