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20+ Ways To Save Money When You Live By Yourself

Living alone for the past 13 months has been such an incredible experience, and I’ve learned a lot over that time. When I was first considering getting an apartment by myself, there were certain things I had to take into consideration, like which things I would really need and how I was going to pay for everything (this was an even bigger concern for me seeing as how I’m self-employed in a field that can change at the drop of a hat). I had my main goals and backup plans all thought out, but it really took just jumping in and doing it to learn exactly what living alone would entail.

Of course, finances are a main worry for many (can’t live in a cute apartment if you’re not making the money to pay for it all). About 7 months into being in my new apartment, one of my main income streams just up and vanished. Safe to say I was panicked, but I knew that I either had to put on my big girl pants and get to hustling or prepare to move back home with my parents. Over the next few months, while working on new avenues of income, I started trying to find ways to save money and cut back on unnecessary spending. One downside of living alone is that you’re responsible for paying for every little thing, but a plus is that you get to fully decide on what your money is being spent on. So, I started cutting back and making changes, and I found some great ways to save yourself money when living alone.

  1. Cook meals at home (especially ones that make leftovers) instead of ordering takeout
  2. Invest in a multipurpose cleaner instead of buying a different product for each room/area
  3. When grocery shopping, buy the smaller versions of foods instead of the regular sizes so you’re less likely to have food spoil before you can finish it (Ex. the small jar of mayonnaise vs. the family size jar)
  4. Create a grocery list that includes just what you need, and only buy those items (no wandering up and down the aisles)
  5. Be strict about the temperature in your home – wear extra layers in the winter and use a fan in the summer so you don’t have to have the heating/AC on all the time
  6. Look into couponing and try to only shop when there are sales
  7. Instead of going out to the movies, invite friends over to watch something fun on Netflix
  8. Speaking of Netflix, pull up everything you’re subscribed to that costs money and see if there’s anything you can live without (magazine subscriptions, makeup boxes, music streaming, etc.)
  9. Call your internet and cellphone providers to see if there are any cheaper plans you can get on or if they’re running any specials at the moment
  10. Instead of rushing out to purchase something when you realize you don’t have it, see if any friends or family members have an extra that they no longer want (this is a great way to get towels, dishes, bakeware, and random bits of furniture)
  11. Hit up your local flea markets and thrift stores for furniture and decor instead of expensive retailers
  12. Use natural light from windows to illuminate your home and only turn lamps on in the evening
  13. On nice days, open your windows for a fresh breeze instead of turning on the AC
  14. Always overcompensate when writing out your budget – it’s better to be safe than sorry and the extra funds can be thrown into savings
  15. Unsubscribe from any shop emails you get so you’re less likely to be tempted by sales (and hopefully won’t even find out about them at all)
  16. Adopt the mindset of “living within your means” – no credit cards, no overspending, no excess debt
  17. When picking out your apartment, go with the smallest space you can get away with living in so you can save money on rent
  18. Create a strict budget that you update frequently so you’re always in the know about your finances
  19. Search Craigslist for cheap or free items that you need for your home (be safe when shopping local though – never meet with someone by yourself)
  20. If you’re already subscribed to online television streaming service like Netflix and Hulu, consider getting rid of cable altogether
  21. Instead of paying to dry your clothes at the laundromat, let them air dry at home (I have a clothes drying rack and absolutely love it)
  22. Instead of expensive nights out, opt to go to places that are free or more affordable like local art shows and museums

What are some of your favorite money-saving tips?


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  • Eunice

    Love these tips! I’ve prioritised saving money this year and have limited myself to just spending a fixed amount each week (so far, so good!)
    The coffee machine in work also helps me save £££ on coffees, hehe.


    February 14, 2018 at 5:29 am Reply
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