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25 Instagram Photo Ideas Anyone Can Do

Instagram is one of my favorite social media apps. I check it multiple times a day (which is probably not the best for my time management, haha). I love getting to see what my friends and favorite bloggers are up to, in a much more creative way than 140 characters (I’m lookin’ at you, Twitter). When I first starting posting pictures to Instagram, I remember feeling a little lost as to what I should share. I mean, there’s only so many meals you can snap photos of before it seems like all you do is eat. Over the years, I’ve come up with several ideas for content for Instagram and I thought I’d share some of my favorites today.

25 Instagram Photo Ideas Anyone Can Do

  1. What you’re listening to right now (music, podcast, audiobook, etc.)
  2. A silly selfie of you and your best friend
  3. A recent purchase you’re super happy about
  4. The makeup you’re wearing for the day
  5. A project, hobby, or craft you’re working on
  6. Feature a photo from one of your favorite Instagrammers and link back to their account
  7. Something you’ve accomplished and are proud of
  8. Your pets being silly or cute
  9. The view from where you’re currently sitting/standing
  10. Some accessories/stationery/gadgets you’re loving right now
  11. What book or magazine you’re currently reading
  12. A quote that has inspired you, or your current motto/mantra
  13. Your desk, bedroom, or favorite room in your home
  14. A new restaurant or shop you’ve visited
  15. Something special from your childhood
  16. Something you collect
  17. A goal you’re working towards
  18. Your workspace or must have work essentials
  19. Your outfit for the day, or a part of your outfit that you especially love
  20. Your favorite things about the current season
  21. A silly, imperfect selfie
  22. What’s in your bag?
  23. A photo created around a color theme (like all green, shades of pink, or black & white)
  24. Something that is making you happy today
  25. Your evening or weekend plans

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