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17 Ways To Single Task When You’re A Chronic Multitasker

While I love being a workaholic, one of the things I struggle with is productivity when it comes to multitasking. I can get distracted easily, and before I know it I’ve moved from one task to another without fully finishing the first one. This can be extremely stressful and causes me to not to get as much done as I would like. A few months ago, I came across the idea of “single tasking” – focusing on one task at a time instead of trying to get a bunch of things done at once – and it felt like a little lightbulb went off in my head. This concept just makes so much more sense to me! Ever since, I’ve been trying different ways to single task in order to find out what would work best for me, and I’ve discovered some really rewarding techniques.

  1. Write a productive (yet not overwhelming) to-do list each day instead of trying to remember what you need to get done
  2. When working on a task, turn off all unnecessary electronics to eliminate the possibility of any distractions
  3. Set a time limit for each task, and give yourself a small break after each one so you can relax and refresh
  4. Keep a notebook on hand at all times for the moments when a random task pops into your head – instead of jumping to do it, write it down so you can tackle it later
  5. Automate and schedule things like social media updates, emails, monthly payments, etc.
  6. Only have one browser tab open on your computer or phone at a time
  7. Be mindful about fully completing a task before moving on to another one
  8. When giving yourself a break or day off, turn your computer and phone off so you’re not tempted to mess with different tasks
  9. Instead of mindlessly checking emails every hour, pick a few times throughout the day to read and respond to them
  10. Dedicate a different chore to each day of the week instead of trying to get them all done on the weekends
  11. Develop proper routines so you can focus on each individual task in an itemized fashion
  12. Put your phone on airplane mode when spending time with friends or family
  13. Don’t make multiple plans for the same day – spread them out through your week instead
  14. Focus on exactly what you want to get done so you’re less likely to get distracted
  15. Only use one app at a time on your phone instead of having several open (this will also help your battery last longer and allow your phone to run quicker – yay!)
  16. Make a shopping list before going to the store, and only grab the things you need to purchase (no aimlessly wandering the aisles)
  17. Focus on your highest priority tasks each day rather than creating a to-do list that is super long and filled with a bunch of mindless tasks

Are you a single tasker or multitasker?


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