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Downsizing My Accessories

Not too long ago, I was rather obsessed with collecting accessories (the term “hoarder” would be a pretty accurate description). Whenever I’d go thrifting at the local flea markets, I’d always end up with a bunch of vintage jewelry and hair decorations, and don’t even get me started on the accessories section of Forever 21. Over time, I had built up an insanely large collection of quirky and colorful accessories, but they’d always just sit around in my closet, never getting worn. Right before I moved last year, I decided to do a huge clear out of my wardrobe, and made sure to get rid of all of the unnecessary accessories I had accumulated. Ever since then, I’ve made a conscious effort to be more intentional with the accessories I purchase, and have been able to keep things fairly minimal.

Dainty Jewelry

Simple jewelry is a huge favorite of mine. I used to be super drawn to bold statement pieces, but never felt comfortable wearing them. I finally had to be honest with myself – while I may have liked the way some of the more elaborate jewelry pieces looked, I just was not the kind of girl to wear them. Instead, I feel really comfortable in minimal jewelry like dainty necklaces and simple gold rings. To me, they feel more natural to wear and I’m able to style them much easier.

Classic Pieces

Downsizing my clothing and accessories has made me realize the importance of classic pieces. These items can be worn for any occasion or season, which makes them much easier to style. My two favorite classic accessories are the rose gold cross necklace my mom got me for Christmas, and my Daniel Wellington St Mawes Watch*. Both are pieces that I wear almost daily, and they look great with every outfit I put together.

Statement Sunnies

Sunglasses used to be one of the things that I collected the most. I had so many pairs but only wore a few, so I knew that they were the first thing I needed get rid of when I was downsizing my closet. Now, I have a handful of sunnies that I really love and actually want to wear – the classic black pair, the oversized “Kardashian” pair, the statement cat eye, and the everyday affordable pair that looks fancy but I totally wouldn’t be devastated if I accidentally left them somewhere (which happens more often than you’d think).

Quirky Finds

Despite my best efforts, there are still a few “unique” pieces that I just couldn’t pass up. I made sure to be strict with myself though – they had to be reasonably simple, within the same color scheme as the rest of my accessories (golds, rose golds, and neutrals), and I had to know that they would be something that I would actually wear regularly. I love adding cute accessories to my hair, so I have a few clips in different shapes that I can put on in a whim, as well as some fun headbands. Some other accessories I love wearing are brooches. This probably sounds super grandma of me, but whenever I wear a cardigan I love pinning on a quirky brooch to add a bit of character to my outfit.

What are your thoughts on accessories? Do you have a ton to choose from or just a few favorites?


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