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April Goals

Happy April, lovelies! March was such a great month, and while it seems like it went by fast, I still feel like I was able to get so much accomplished. My home is starting to reflect the change in seasons, I’ve been reading more than usual, and my taxes are (thankfully) done. Now then, where’s my tax refund?  It’s been super rainy lately so I haven’t been able to finish work on my next photo pack, but I was able to add a few new individual photos to the shop. Also, I’m going to see Beauty And The Beast this Monday! I’m super excited – I keep seeing screenshots and trailers everywhere, and it all looks so magical!

April Goals

  • Start taking walks outside again now that the weather is getting nice
  • Setup a tv/reading nook in my bedroom
  • Launch my new ebook and photo packs
  • Spend some rainy days in the thrift shops
  • Switch all of my media over to digital so I can get rid of DVDs and CDs
  • Cook a new side dish for my family’s Easter dinner (I need ideas – help!)
  • Reorganize my books and get rid of anything I don’t need anymore
  • Buy some fresh flowers or plants for my home
  • Try out a few new methods for growing my Instagram account (I’ll let you guys know if I find anything that works really well)
  • Start blogging daily again
  • Relaunch my Youtube channel with something a little different 🙂
  • Visit someplace new for a fun girls brunch

What are your goals and plans for this new month?



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