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10 Tips For Changing Your Shopping Habits

I’ve been working really hard on changing my shopping habits this year. I used to have a pretty intense shopping addiction, and it’s still something I struggle with a little. I was a bit of an emotional spender – any time I was happy, sad, or bored, I would end up on Amazon or Ulta’s website (just to “browse” of course), and would end up buying things I really didn’t need. As you guys know, my main goal for this year is to adopt a more minimalistic lifestyle. For me, that all starts with my shopping habits. I spent the first couple weeks of the new year reading up on how to become better with my spending, and these are the 10 tips that have been the most beneficial for me:

  1. Unsubscribe from any and all store emails so you’re less likely to go looking at sales
  2. Restrain from browsing online stores for a bit of “window shopping”
  3. Limit the amount of haul-type content you’re consuming so you’re not tempted to shop
  4. Only carry a small amount of cash on you and leave all cards at home – this way you’re not able to spend more money than you planned
  5. Get rid of any unnecessary credit cards you have “just because”, and instead just have one that you only use for emergencies
  6. Find healthier things to turn to other than shopping, like exercise or working on something creative and fulfilling
  7. Let some time pass before you purchase something – if a week or two goes by and you’re still wanting something, then you know it’s not just an impulse buy
  8. Don’t use money or shopping as a reward
  9. Regularly remind yourself of the possessions you already own (for beauty lovers, try “shopping your stash” when you get the itch to go makeup shopping)
  10. When going out shopping, always write a strict shopping list and stick to it no matter what (take someone to hold you accountable if you need to)

Do you have any tips for better shopping habits?


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