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Self Care Tips For Really Crappy Days

Bad days are just something to be expected. They’re a part of life that come and go, but sometimes a really crappy day can strike and those are always more difficult to get through. When days like these come around, I think it’s extremely important to focus on self care even more so than normal. Not only will proper self care help your mental state, but it also allows for crap days to turn out better. You might have a day that starts out horribly, but with these tips you can finish out the day on a much more positive note.

  • First, allow yourself to come to terms with the fact that today is just going to be one of those days
  • Figure out what’s making your day crappy, and see if you can fix it; if not, learn to let it go
  • Give yourself a few minutes to take a break away from everything and center yourself – try prayer, breathing exercises, meditation, etc.
  • Find something positive to turn your thoughts towards or to look forward to
  • Call a friend or loved one if you need someone to talk to
  • Soak up some sunshine and get your blood pumping by going outside for a walk
  • Clear off a portion of your schedule or to-do list so you can take an hour or two to yourself
  • Do some special things that you find calming and relaxing – brew your favorite tea, take a long bubble bath, put on some soft music and read, turn off all of the lights and take a long nap, etc.
  • Take a few minutes to journal out your thoughts and feelings
  • Have a really long, good cry (trust me, this always makes me feel better)
  • Watch a movie or tv program you find uplifting
  • Get your frustrations out by participating in an aggressive exercise like kickboxing or martial arts
  • Create a list of everything you’re grateful for, and be super specific (the longer the list, the better)
  • Cook yourself something really tasty (especially if you usually deny yourself) and enjoy every bite
  • Write down every single thing you love about yourself, from the inside out
  • Do something fun to pamper yourself, like painting your nails or giving yourself a facial
  • Invite some girlfriends over for a night of takeout and chick flicks
  • Go on a cleaning spree in your home – you’ll feel so much better when you’re done (put on an episode of Hoarders if you need some motivation)
  • Get out of the house for a long drive to nowhere, with your favorite playlist blasting on repeat
  • Drink lots of water – staying hydrated can actually help you feel happier

How do you battle crappy days?


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