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Discovering New Reads with Book of the Month Club

This post is sponsored by Book Of The Month Club. All opinions are my own.

Subscription services are one of my favorite ways to discover new things. There are so many options out there, for everything from beauty and food to fan memorabilia and technology. Recently, I discovered a new monthly subscription called Book of the Month Club, and I was so excited to get the chance to work with them and try out their services. BOTMC is a subscription box-style book club that sends you a new book each month. As an avid reader, it can be a little difficult to find new books actually worth reading, so being part of a club that takes most of the work out of searching for worthwhile reads is so convenient!

So, a bit on how this works: Each month, BOTMC has a panel of judges that select 5 great new books. Selections are announced on the first of the month, and members can choose which book they would like to receive. All plans include 1 hardcover book of your choice each month + free shipping. Membership plans start at $11.99/month, and members can also add up to 2 books to their monthly box for $9.99 each. Being a part of this club makes finding new books to get lost in so much easier, plus I love being able to see which books everyone picks by checking the #bookofthemonth tag on Instagram and Twitter.

For March, there were so many great options so I ended up going with 3 different books. Dead Letters intrigued me right away – a murder mystery involving strange letters from a dead twin? Definitely rainy day, curled up on the couch material. Marlena sounds like one of those hauntingly provoking reads a-la John Green which is probably going to hit me so hard in the feels that I’ll be a mess for the next 24 hours after finishing it. The last book I chose is called All Grown Up – the main character sounds so similar to me, I just I knew I had to give it a read.

If you’re interested in joining the Book of the Month Club, I highly recommend signing up! It’s such a fun and effortless way to discover popular new books, plus receiving a box of books in the mail each month is pretty much like birthdays and Christmas combined. Sign up now so you’ve got plenty of time for the April selection!

Have you joined the Book of the Month Club yet?


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