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3 Things To Do When You Receive Negative Feedback

Receiving negative feedback in any form can definitely be hard to deal with, especially if you’re not used to it and haven’t built up a thick skin to criticism. The thing is, it’s just once of those things that’s a part of life. Knowing how to react to bad feedback in a healthy way is crucial for personal growth – here are 3 things to always do when facing criticism.

Take A Step Back

The first thing you’re most likely wanting to do is to fire back an angry response, but don’t. Nothing good will come from a bunch of angry words and hurried thoughts. Instead, take a step back and allow yourself to calm down and reach a place where you can calmly and articulately respond in a way that is productive for both sides. Once you’ve had some time to cool off and clear your head, then come back and respond if you still feel the need to.

Be Honest With Yourself

The thing about criticism is, while it may be a small hit to your pride, it’s not all necessarily negative. Constructive criticism can be extremely helpful in personal development and overall improvement. The key is to be completely honest with yourself – is there any truth in what the person is saying? Even if what their words were said in anger or hate, perhaps you can use this opportunity to improve somehow and come out from the situation better than before. 

Respond vs. Release

Now that you’ve taken some time to absorb the criticism and potentially make changes for the better, it’s time to decide if their comment warrants a response. Not every negative feedback deserves a response – it’s completely up to you to decide. For me, I only take the time to respond if I feel the person was trying to be helpful or if I feel that there’s a chance for some peaceful discourse between the two of us. Some people just want to argue and fight, and know amount of conversation will improve their attitude. For people like this, I just don’t even waste my time responding. Instead, I release their negativity and move on with my life.

What are your tips for dealing with negative feedback?


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