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My Best Tips For Starting A Blog

I’ve been writing some form of a blog since I was 16 years old. Way back in the days of Xanga, I used to keep a blog that was mostly an online diary to vent my teenaged angst and personal poetry (thank God that account is no longer active). Over the years, blogging platforms have changed, my interests have evolved, and blogging has become so much bigger than I ever could’ve imagined. Because I’ve spent so many years blogging, I’ve learned a thing or two about running a successful blog that attracts a loyal readership and helps give back to the online community. Here are some of my best tips if you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or are wanting to revamp your current one…

  • Pick a name that’s versatile. Trust me on this one. You’re going to want to write about different things over time, and while “Beauty Bits With Betty” might sound like a good idea right now, you’re probably going to hate it in a year.
  • Have a general idea of what you want to write about. I’m not saying you have to know your exact niche right here and now, but at least have a good idea what kind of blog you want to write. Your blog will most likely evolve over the years and that’s totally fine, but having focus for your content and style will help readers connect with you better.
  • Focus on photography. Blogs are completely visual. Everything your readers take in – from the content you create to your blog’s overall look and style – is all absorbed visually. So, as you can imagine, blog photography is extremely important. The photos you include in your post act as a first impression for your content and gives readers a good idea of what your style is, so make sure you put time into creating fantastic photos that embody your aesthetic.
  • Build a solid foundation of quality content. In the blogging world, content is king. If you look at sites like Bloglovin’ and Pinterest, the articles prominently featured are ones that enrich the reader’s life in one way or another. Instead of worrying about throwing up a random post every day just for the sake of publishing, put your efforts into creating quality content that will be beneficial to your audience.
  • Get social. It might seem a little intimidating when you’re a new blogger, but my best advice to get your blog seen and talked about is to dive in to the social scene. Get on social media sites and start networking. Follow similar bloggers in your niche, join twitter chats, leave likes and comments, share the love…do whatever you can to be apart of the conversation. Don’t go in spamming links to all of your sites and begging people to follow you (this never works, and will just make people annoyed with you). Instead, be friendly, offer value, show sincerity, and put into it what you would like to see come back to you.
  • Stick to a regular posting schedule. Whether it’s every day or just once a week, having a dedicated posting schedule is very important. Not only does it allow you to stay organized with posts, but it also allows your readers to know what to expect from you.
  • Stay in your lane. It can be extremely tempting to feel pressure to blog about what others are writing about or to compare your blog to someone else’s, but I promise you that will only lead to unnecessary stress and hurt feelings. Do everything you can to focus on what you’re creating, and work on making it the best possible thing it can be. If you’re feeling the need to compete, try doing better than you did yesterday. Focus on being better than your past self instead of feeling the need to compete with others.

If you’re a blogger, what tips do you have for someone starting a new blog?

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