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15 Tips For Embracing A Smaller Wardrobe

One of the goals I’m working towards this year is downsizing my wardrobe into something more realistic and manageable. It’s all part of my journey towards minimalism, and so far I’ve really been enjoying the whole process. It can be so easy to buy into the lie that we need more “stuff” to be happy. Truth is, people are actually happier with less when the items that they do own are purchased with intent and are well thought out. If you’re on the quest to downsize your closet and are looking for ideas, here is some helpful advice that I’ve picked up along the way. 

15 Tips For Embracing A Smaller Wardrobe

  1. Invest in high quality basics that will last for years and work for any style or look
  2. Start slow, and really consider each piece before deciding to keep it or get rid of it
  3. Dip your toe in by trying a fun challenge like creating a capsule wardrobe or Project 333
  4. To start the downsizing process, try on every item of clothing you own – if something doesn’t fit, donate it
  5. When deciding which items to keep, make sure you really love the pieces you’re saving so they will actually get worn instead of just taking up space in your closet
  6. Find outfit and closet inspiration from other minimalists (blogs and Pinterest are ideal for this and help so much!)
  7. If the thought of having a small wardrobe is really bothering you, find some girlfriends that would be interested in doing a clothing swap once a month
  8. Fix up your closet so it’s organized and easily accessible – this will make you more excited to rummage through it every morning
  9. Get rid of any clothing that is super old or beyond repair (if it’s something sentimental, store it away somewhere safe)
  10. Before purchasing anything new, make sure it’s something you don’t already have and ask yourself if it’s high quality and worth the cost
  11. Figure out your style beforehand so you don’t waste time and money with pieces of clothing that will only be worn once
  12. Instead of buying a new dress just to wear it one time for an upcoming event, see if a friend has one you can borrow
  13. If there are some items that you’re on the fence about getting rid of, put them in a box and store it somewhere out of site – after 6 months, donate anything left in the box because now you know that you don’t really need them anyway
  14. Stop allowing yourself to make unnecessary clothing purchases, especially when it comes to pieces that are “hot” now but will be out of style in a few weeks (again, focus on timeless staples)
  15. Be really honest with yourself when going through everything in your closet – you may like something, but are you actually wearing it?

What are your thoughts on having a small wardrobe?


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