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Inspiring Cookbooks For Plant-Based Eating

Earlier this year I decided to switch up my diet to include more natural, plant-based meals. After watching documentaries on Netflix like Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy, I knew I needed to make some lifestyle changes. Switching to a plant-based diet feels like the right thing to do – not only is it incredibly healthy, but it’s also better for the environment and allows me to not support big food corporations that promote animal cruelty in farms and slaughter houses. With this change comes a lot that I’ll be giving up, including several recipes and meals I would usually eat. I was kind of lost as to what I would make for regular meals (a girl can only eat so many salads), so I picked up a few new cookbooks for healthy recipes as well as some inspiration for this new lifestyle change. 

  • Meatless by Martha Stewart Living – This cookbook is full of vegetarian recipes from the writers of Martha Stewart Living. Every recipe is fairly easy to make, and are for meals that I would actually want to eat on a regular basis. I feel like this is a really good option for beginners, and I’m already planning a few meals using recipes from this book.
  • A Modern Way To Cook by Anna Jones – This book is huge. It’s packed full of vegetarian recipes that are abundant in fresh, healthy ingredients, which I am really drawn to. I feel like it’s easy to give up animal products but still eat unhealthily, so I knew I had to get this book because of the variety of fresh produce involved.
  • Sunday Suppers by Karen Mordecai – I already shared a bit about this cookbook in a previous post, but I’m sharing it again because I think it might be my favorite. I love how simple and “rustic” the recipes are. This is another one of those cookbooks that isn’t filled with a bunch of fancy recipes that I’m never going to make. Instead, it includes things like simple soups, veggie and natural grain salads, and useful ideas for canning.
  • My New Roots by Sarah Britton – This cookbook is absolutely gorgeous, and the photos are beyond inspiring. I found out after buying it that the author is actually a fellow blogger, so I’m excited to check out her blog for even more recipes. This book has different recipes for each season and so many of them sound absolutely delicious!
  • The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams – My final cookbook is a little more on the inspirational side. While it does include a bunch of fantastic recipes, it focuses more on the joy of just being in the kitchen creating special moments, as well as stories from different people’s homes. One of the reasons I’m embracing minimalism is to learn to focus on “moments” rather than “things”, and the whole idea behind this book really embodies that.

What are some cookbooks you recommend?



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