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Easy Ways To Eliminate Negativity From Your Daily Life

It can be so easy to let negativity become a regular part of your life, especially if you spend a significant amount of time online. Everyone seems upset about something these days, and it’s likely that your social media feeds are filled with fighting, unrest, and backhanded remarks. Life is hard enough as it is, and I think having unnecessary added negativity in your life just adds to the struggle. I always try to stay positive, and work hard to focus on the good things and to find ways to eliminate any excess negativity in my life.

Don’t Go Looking For Trouble

It can be super tempting sometimes to go online in search of drama, but it’s really never worth it. I’ve learned from experience that Facebook feuds and gossipy forums are only going to bring out the worst in you, and you’re going to leave the experience in a worse state than when you arrived. So, best to avoid it altogether. I used to search Google to see what people were saying about my blog, and it always left me feeling upset and angry. Instead of wasting time reading hateful comments from people who only want to hate me, I now focus on the encouraging comments my blog readers take the time to write. If we don’t go looking for trouble, we’re far less likely to encounter it.

It’s Okay To Unfriend

Sometimes you’ve just got to unfriend people. It’s not to be mean or spiteful, but there are just some people out there that like to complain and fight 24/7. I think it’s healthy to regularly go through our friends lists on social media and get rid of anyone who is bringing us down or chasing negativity. If seeing their posts constantly makes your cringe or get upset, then why are you following them? Some sites allow you to remain friends with people but “mute” their updates, which I love because it saves us from those awkward “why did you unfriend me?” conversations. In the end though, you’ve got to put priority on you and your happiness instead of always worrying about everyone else’s feelings. 

Remind Yourself To Be More Kind

Sometimes we may not even realize it, but it’s actually us contributing to the negativity in our lives. We may need to remind ourselves to be a little more kind each day. Doing so will help encourage a more positive environment, and you’ll be less likely to encounter arguments and cruelty if you’re spreading kindness to those around you. I try to live by the Golden Rule – “treat others as you would like to be treated”. Keeping my actions and words in check has helped keep a lot of negativity out of my life that would’ve been there had I allowed myself to not be more kind and gracious.

What are some ways you try to eliminate negativity?


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  • Joanne

    Great post, all great ideas! I find readign helps because it relaxes you and focuses your mind on something completely different.

    Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

    March 16, 2018 at 7:45 am Reply
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