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Things To Consider When Crafting A Blog Post Title

One of the quickest and easiest ways you can help improve your blog’s SEO is with your post titles. What you name your posts plays a huge part in how well they rank in Google searches, so you want to make sure to craft titles that are keyword rich and well thought out. There’s a balance though because you’re not just writing post titles for the search engine bots – you’re also writing them with your readers in mind. You want a title that is engaging, interesting, and thought-provoking enough to grab the attention of readers (and potential readers) so that they’ll click over and read. How do you ensure you write the perfect title for each post though? Here are some things to ask yourself when crafting your blog post titles:

  • Is this title interesting enough to be clicked on?
  • Does this title include relevant keywords?
  • Is my title short and to the point, yet still eye-catching?
  • Have I included keywords that my target audience would search for?
  • Is this a title that would do well on social media sites like Pinterest?
  • Is my title in line with the content of my post? (Or is it clickbait-y?)
  • Is this title exciting, or can I spice it up a bit?
  • Did I spell everything correctly?
  • Is this a title I would click on?
  • Is this a title that a bunch of other bloggers have already used? (And if so, how can I change it to be more unique?)

I used to write my blog post titles to be cute and quirky, but they usually didn’t have much to do with what the post was actually about. When I started paying more attention to my titles and how they were crafted, I noticed a huge surge in traffic from Google, as well as sites like Pinterest and Twitter. Along with the boost in SEO, better titles help improve the look of your blog overall, allowing readers to see that you take your blog seriously and are a professional. It might take a little more time to come up with a quality title, but I promise you it will pay off in the end. 

What are your thoughts on crafting blog post titles?

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