50 Random Acts Of Kindness

I am a huge fan of random acts of kindness. The feeling you get from doing something special for someone else is incredible, especially when they aren’t expecting it. I love being able to be a blessing to another person, no matter how big or small the gesture is. The world can be a very destructive, crazy place, and just a small act of kindness from a fellow human can dramatically improve someone’s life. I decided to compile a list of 5o different random acts of kindness in the hopes that we can all be a little more kind and loving towards each other every day.

50 Random Acts Of Kindness

  1. Write down an uplifting encouragement on a scrap of paper and leave it in a library book for the next person to find
  2. When in the drive thru at a fast-food place, pay for yourself as well as the person behind you in line
  3. Pass out $10 food gift cards to the people that help make your daily life easier – mailmen, garbage workers, daycare attendants, etc.
  4. Strive to give a genuine compliment to a different person each day
  5. Offer to help someone (babysit their kids, cook dinner for the night, etc.) without asking for anything in return
  6. Treat your co-workers to a box of donuts and a fruit platter in the break room
  7. Help a younger sibling with their homework or a school project
  8. Send a surprise vase of flowers to your parents
  9. While out shopping, compliment an employee on how hard they’re working (you can even take this a step further and inform their manager that they’ve impressed you)
  10. Cook a special meal for your family and clean everything up afterwards
  11. Reach out to the person at work or school who looks a little lonely
  12. Send an actual birthday card to someone on their birthday instead of just leaving a quick comment on their Facebook wall
  13. Clean up any trash in the hallway of your apartment complex
  14. If someone new moves into the neighborhood, take a moment to welcome them and bring over something nice like a bottle of wine or some fresh flowers
  15. Fully clean up your table when leaving a fast food restaurant
  16. Offer to help someone take the groceries to their car if it looks like they need assistance
  17. If you have a car and an afternoon off, see if any friends or family need rides anywhere
  18. Invite your nieces and nephews over for a fun movie + popcorn night
  19. Donate clothes, toiletries, and food to a local shelter
  20. Offer to mow your elderly neighbor’s yard
  21. Leave a bigger tip than you usually would
  22. Smile and be friendly, especially if someone seems like they’re having a bad day
  23. Be courteous when driving, and stop to let others pull out of parking lots instead of trying to speed in front of them
  24. Give a gift to someone, just because
  25. Do one of your roommate’s chores for them
  26. Call your grandma for a long heart-to-heart
  27. Don’t interrupt when people are talking, and really listen when they’re talking
  28. When picking up your morning coffee or breakfast, order extra for a co-worker
  29. Donate books to a local school or library
  30. Adopt a rescue pet, or donate some of your time to playing with the ones currently looking for forever homes
  31. Hold the door open for others (even if you end up holding it for 20 people)
  32. Leave any extra change you have in your apartment building’s laundry room
  33. If someone is curious in about a hobby or trait you have, offer to teach them what you know
  34. Send your class notes to the person who was out sick, and help them understand anything that they’re struggling with
  35. Write a sweet letter to someone you cherish, letting them know how much you care and that you don’t take them for granted
  36. Whenever you pass a server, janitor, or cleaning lady, always tell them thank you
  37. If someone looks lost, help them find where they need to go
  38. Offer to take a group photo for a bunch of tourists
  39. Pay for a round of drinks or desserts for another table
  40. Wait for everyone to leave the house, and then clean everything before they get back
  41. Dress up as a popular cartoon character and visit the kids at a children’s hospital
  42. Take your dog up to a local ice cream shop for a little “puppy cone” (most places do something like this for dogs, and they deserve random kindnesses too!)
  43. Make an extra lunch and leave it in the break room fridge for someone who forgot their’s that day
  44. Reach out to someone who made a difference in your life
  45. Opt to not take part in an argument or add fuel to the fire
  46. Plan a special date night for your parents
  47. Text or call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile and see how they’ve been
  48. Write embarrassingly cheesy love notes for your significant other to find
  49. Offer to have lunch with someone who is sitting alone (but don’t be offended if they say no)
  50. Buy a full meal for a homeless person

What are some of your favorite random acts of kindness?


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