Self Care Rituals For That Time Of The Month

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As every girl knows, “that” time of the month can be quite a pain to deal with (literally). You’re never completely prepared for when your period is going to strike, and some months can be an absolute headache of stress, pain, and out of control hormones. To fight back against Aunt Flo, I’ve started practicing small self care rituals that help relieve the chaos that my period usually creates. They don’t take much effort to do, and I’ve really been noticing an improvement in how my time of the month plays out

Choosing Quality Products

The biggest thing I’ve been focusing on is choosing quality products when it comes to feminine care. I used to just grab whatever box of tampons or pads that were available, but now I’m actually taking the time to put some thought and effort into what’s going in and on my body. Lately, I’ve been using products from the Seventh Generation line at Target, which are free of fragrances and chlorine processing.

Currently, I’m using the new Seventh Generation™ Comfort Applicator Tampons (18 Count), on most days, but I’ll switch to the Free & Clear fragrance-free Free & Clear fragrance-free Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings (18 count) on lighter days or when my period is coming to an end but hasn’t completely stopped. Both have been working just as perfectly as any others I’ve tried, and the quality goes above and beyond what I’m used to which is so awesome. Both are extremely comfortable to wear and I highly suggest checking them out the next time you’re shopping at Target. You can find them both online and in-store, and can usually find a good deal with the Cartwheel app.

Taking Things Slow

When my time of the month strikes, the worst thing I can do is rush around trying to get 50 million things done like its no big deal. I’m extremely emotional when on my period and the tiniest things can make me feel overwhelmed. I’ve been trying to take things more slowly each month and have noticed big improvement in my overall mood. Once my period starts up, I try to lighten up my to-do list as much as possible so I don’t have so much on my plate each day. It’s really helped when it comes to my next self care ritual…

Making Time For Me

Since I’m taking things more slowly during my time of the month, I’ve got a little more free time to focus on myself. This has become crucial for my mental health as it allows me relieve stress by doing things like taking long baths, going on leisurely walks, curling up with a book, and spending time studying my Bible. Being able to take some time for myself during this hormonal part of my month helps me keep things in perspective and allows me to clear my head when feeling overwhelmed.

Learning To Splurge And When To Say No

The last self care ritual I’ve been practicing has to do with being kind to myself, by both allowing myself to splurge every now and then as well as being okay with saying no to some things. I think being kind to ourselves means eliminating any limitations we’ve placed on ourselves, and these are two areas where I struggle with this the most. I have a hard time letting myself enjoy small splurges without feeling incredibly guilty, and I also find it incredibly hard to say no to certain situations and people, even when I really want to decline. Working on these areas of my personality have helped relieve some of the tension I often feel when I’m PMSing, and ties back in to taking things slow and being more kind to myself.

What are the self care rituals you practice during “that” time of the month?


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