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How To Get More Done With Less Daylight

Now that we’re in December, days are becoming shorter and it seems like the sun sets just as quickly as it rises. As a blogger (and someone who struggles with seasonal affective disorder), it can be extremely difficult to get a lot done with the declining amount of daylight. I rely on access to good lighting for all of my blog photos, plus the natural vitamin D helps put me in a more productive, happy mood. All is not lost though! There are a few things you can do to get more accomplished even with less daylight.

Prioritize Your Schedule

One thing that will definitely work against you this time of year is having a night owl schedule. That’s how I used to be, staying up super late working away on my computer, but now that the sun sets so much earlier, I can’t afford to stick with that kind of schedule. Instead, I’ve adopted what I like to call my “old lady” schedule – in bed by 9pm, up at 5am. Not only does this allow me to take advantage of every second of daylight each day, but it also helps me feel more productive and balanced.

Always Plan Ahead

Having a solid plan or to-do list each day has proven to be absolutely essential for getting the most done during my day, especially with a more limited amount of sunshine. Whenever I know I need to take new blog photos, I make sure to plan ahead so my schedule is clear when natural lighting is best (usually from 10am-1pm for anyone curious, haha). Having the important parts of my workday planned out, even just slightly, allows me to get so much more done than if I was just flying by the seat of my pants each day.

Do you struggle with getting enough done with less daylight?


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