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7 Things To Avoid When Growing Your Blog

You know that saying, “any publicity is good publicity?” Well, I don’t think that’s always true when it comes to blogging. You don’t want to be known as that super spammy blogger who only ever tweets out links to their own content, 20 times a day. It’s important to be very mindful when going about building your brand and following.


  1. Only commenting on other blogs in order to spam them with links to your site It’s perfectly okay to share your blog link, but make sure to leave them a meaningful comment instead of just a one-word reply.
  2. Leaving comments on social media like “Follow 4 follow!” or “Like 4 like!” These are extremely spammy and annoying.
  3. Hosting giveaways for the sole purpose of gaining new followers If you’re wanting to celebrate a milestone or treat your readers then go for it, but having a new giveaway every few days in the hopes of growing your readership is never going to attract your target audience (plus, again, super spammy).
  4. Tweeting/Facebooking/Instagraming your content and links 24/7 Not only will this likely cause you to lose followers on those platforms, but it shows that you’re only concerned with getting traffic. Instead, share the love and post other people’s content as well as yours. Mix it up, with your main goal being to provide beneficial content for your followers.
  5. Using the comment section on other bloggers’ sites and social media accounts to ask for people to check out and subscribe to your blog Not only is this incredibly rude to the blogger (who’s audience you would essentially be hijacking), but it also comes across as extremely unprofessional.
  6. Badmouthing other bloggers/brands/creatives via social media or your blog This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just don’t do it. Causes unnecessary drama and is not a good look. (The only exception to this would be if you’re a gossip/controversial blog, like Perez Hilton, and maybe calling others out is part of your brand.)
  7. Trying to be everywhere online Don’t feel pressured to be present everywhere all at once. Your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…it can be super overwhelming trying to keep up with so many things by yourself, and you’re much more likely to burn out fast and feel like giving up.

What do you think is the most important thing to avoid when growing your blog?


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1 Comment

  • Kristin

    Definitely not trying to do everything at once. The best advice i had when starting my blog was to go ahead and grab my social handles everywhere but only focus on one or two at a time, then add on the others once you had things figured out! Great tips!

    May 15, 2018 at 7:42 am Reply
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