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17 Things You Should Do This Winter

For me, winter is a season to recover and take care of ourselves. After the crazy rush of the holidays, I like to take the quiet months of January and February to slow down, refocus, and practice lots of self care. It’s the perfect time to do so because this is usually the slowest point in the year for most of us. Since today marks the official start of Winter, I thought I would share a list of things everyone should do to really take advantage of this season.

17 Things You Should Do This Winter

  1. Enjoy the last of the holidays with family and friends
  2. Take a walk out in the fresh snow (snowball fights optional)
  3. Order a delicious hot drink from your favorite coffee shop
  4. Take a luxurious bubble bath and go all out – use your best products, light some candles, pour a glass of wine…the works!
  5. Enjoy a hot breakfast in cozy pajamas while watching the snow fall
  6. Go to bed early and sleep in a little
  7. Indulge in lavish beauty routines
  8. Cook hearty meals from scratch
  9. Take advantage of the quiet days indoors by reading lots of new books
  10. Have a movie marathon (Harry Potter!) or host a movie night with friends
  11. Stock your closet with cozy sweaters and comfy leggings
  12. Go ice skating (if you don’t know how, it’s the perfect time to learn!)
  13. Give yourself 10 minutes to stop and actually enjoy an old fashion mug of hot chocolate
  14. Build a little bonfire and invite some friends over to enjoy smores
  15. Attend a winter festival
  16. Take up a cozy hobby like crochet or knitting
  17. Perfect your chili recipe

What are some thing you’re looking forward to doing this winter?


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