Festive Activities To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

With Christmas less than two weeks away, it’s definitely time to get in the holiday spirit. Unfortunately, with busy schedules and stressful commitments, it can be hard for many people to actually stop and enjoy the season. To help with this, I thought I’d share a big list of festive activities that I love to do each year. They really get me in the Christmas spirit, and allow me fully enjoy the holiday festivities without the season going by too quickly.

Festive Activities To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

  • Decorate your house for the holidays if you haven’t done so already
  • Create a Christmas playlist and have it playing in the background whenever you’re at home
  • Try out some fun hot cocoa recipes
  • Watch a different holiday movie every day leading up to Christmas
  • Bake Christmas cookies
  • Listen to a Christmas music radio station whenever you’re in the car
  • Go see a holiday show at your local church or theater
  • Attend or host a Christmas party
  • Go light looking to see how everyone decorated their houses for the holidays
  • Visit your local mall to see all of the festive decorations and store windows (this is a perfect time to do a little Christmas shopping too!)
  • Have a family craft day where everyone makes an ornament for each other’s trees
  • Watch Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel
  • Get out and take a walk through the snow
  • Enjoy a cozy night in front of the fireplace with a warm drinks and some good company
  • Get your group of friends together to go caroling
  • Try making wassail
  • Send Christmas cards to all of your friends and family
  • Go sledding or ice skating
  • Decorate a gingerbread house from scratch
  • Pick out a live Christmas tree or fresh pine wreath for your home
  • Have a Christmas movie marathon
  • Set aside an evening to wrap presents while enjoying eggnog and listening to Christmas tunes
  • Make your own ugly Christmas sweater
  • Create a Christmas bucket list
  • Do a Christmas tradition that you haven’t done since you were little
  • Make a special decoration for your tree, like popcorn garland or cinnamon ornaments

What are your favorite ways to get in the Christmas spirit?


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