Dreamy A/W Fragrances

I love a good fragrance for this time of year. Autumn and winter tend to have so many wonderful scents attached to them, from spicy cinnamons to warm vanillas. The lovely smells don’t stop there though. Perfumes are also a great way to get in the spirit of the season, and I have a few select scents that I solely use during A/W because they embody this time of year so wonderfully.

First up is a scent that I look forward to using as soon as we hit September. Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt is my absolute favorite cologne to use for autumn and winter. It’s a great everyday scent that leans a little on the masculine side, which isn’t usually something I go for but I really love it for the season. The different scents combine to create the most amazing perfume that smells exactly like a chilly day walking through the woods near a beach – the perfect combo of woody earth and sea salt air.

A scent that is a little more feminine but still moody enough for A/W is Clean Reserve’s Velvet Flora*. I’ve been obsessed with this perfume for the past two years and am so happy I can finally wear it again. This musky floral fragrance runs a bit on the sensual side, so it’s perfect for date night or when you’re feeling particularly alluring. Also, the bottle is huge and you really get a lot of product for your money, which is awesome when it comes to perfumes.

My final fragrance for this time of year is Chloe – a scent that has easily become one of my signature fragrances. While I don’t restrict use to just fall and winter, I find that I wear it more during this time of year than any other. Chloe is a beautiful scent that I find really unique. It’s feminine and pretty, without smelling like something every other girl has picked up from their local Victoria’s Secret. I love how fresh of a fragrance this is, and the scent lasts all day long so you don’t have to apply much.

Do you have a favorite fragrance for this time of year?


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